Apocalypse Later

If you’re reading this then I guess you were left behind like the rest of us chumps. May 21st, as some believed, was to be the final act for mankind. It’s nearly 11:00 Eastern Standard time as I write this, so it’s looking and more like heaven can wait. Actually, from what I’ve heard, kickoff was to start at 6:00pm local time for each time zone in what was supposed to be a sort of rolling series of devastating earthquakes. Minor tremors were reported far off the coast of New Zealand, but none reached above a 4.0 and these little shake, rattle and rolls are a fairly regular thing for that part of the world. So, either someone got their prediction wrong, or God over slept, in which case, he’s gonna feel like a real jerk tomorrow. Obviously, I’m not the only one who’s having a little bit of fun with this. As the hours ticked by today Twitter, and Facebook were being overloaded with Rapture jokes like there was no tomorrow.Unfortunately for some, there is indeed going to be a tomorrow and that poses a significant problem.

A man by the name of Harold Camping is going to find himself the target of a lot of anger, and disappointment from hundreds or maybe even thousands of his followers. I know everyone, myself included, is poking fun at this whole thing, but unfortunately to a lot of people this was no laughing matter and they are now going to be dealing with very real consequences. Robert Fitzpatrick, the author of a self-published book “The Doomsday Code: God is Warning Us Through the Bible” spent his entire life savings in aiding Camping to get his message out to the world by purchasing bill boards, and spreading flyers, and pamphlets. There are similar stories where individuals and even entire families have put literally everything on the line for this prophecy. They have no plan-b. And my mother wonders why I’m not religious.

Before anyone get’s on my case, I’m not one of those out there that is using one uneducated and crazy man’s unfulfilled prophecy as platform from which to launch an attack to disprove and discredit Christianity as a whole. I’m smart enough to realize that this man doesn’t speak for everyone, but the people he did speak for, and the ones who listened are going to find themselves in dire straights. I only hope they realize that just because the world has not come to end, it does not mean that their faith has been all for nothing. Though, many be facing a sort of financial Armageddon. This man, Harold Camping, was just another false prophet, albeit a convincing one to some. It will be interesting to see how he plays this over the next few days. He was absolutely 100% certain that this was going to happen, and made it widely known in a worldwide multi-million dollar advertising campaign blitz. Doomsday predictions are hardly a new thing though. A New England farmer named William Miller predicted the world would end on April 23rd, 1843. Pat Robertson claimed it would be at the end of 1982, and of course there was Y2k. The list goes on and on and they all have one thing in common, they didn’t happen. What makes this prediction uniquely different is the sheer amount of money that was spent, and the number of people it reached. Now that we live in the in age of viral marketing, practically anyone with a mobile phone and an internet connection knew about this. There is nowhere to hide from this. Camping must have a come to Jesus moment…er……yeah. I hear that over the past few years well over a 100 million dollars was raised and spent in getting the word out to the masses about God’s day of wrath. Most of those funds came in the way of private donations. I hope those people kept their receipts.

I don’t subscribe to any particular religion. As I’ve said many times, there are dozens and dozens of faiths out there, and they all seem valid to me. I can’t disprove any of them, and like wise they cannot be proven. If it gives you strength and comfort and inspires you to be a better person and have a positive impact on the world and people around you, I’m behind you all the way. What I don’t like is when people use it as a crutch or wield it as a tool to discredit or disprove other beliefs. This man, Harold Camping, claimed to know, thus in effect saying everyone else was wrong. It turns out that he was wrong, because he didn’t know, and that’s just the thing, no one does. It’s called faith for a reason. Followers believe in their religion, they have faith, but they don’t “know”, just like Camping did not “know”. The problem he now faces is that he claimed to know, and now he’s still around to face the music. And worse, he’s help to ruin and shatter the lives of thousands. I’m not going to debate the merit of religion. It’s been caused a lot of bad, and a lot of good and I could go around in circles forever talking about it. Unfortunately Camping hasn’t exactly done Christianity a favor here, and has actually done it a huge disservice.

I see him playing this one of three ways.

One: Perhaps he repented on behalf of mankind and worked a deal with god to give us an extension.

Two: He apologizes but sticks to his guns as far as really truly believing that this was going to happen and that he was not deliberately misleading people in some sort of get rich quick scam and he makes efforts to mend the lives he has played a part in ruining.

Three: The man simply cannot live with it and commits suicide.

I hope the latter doesn’t happen, though maybe the world would be better off without him. Then again, there will always me deranged and misguided leaders out there who will be able effective and convincing .

So what’s next? 2012 is right around the corner. So I suppose I will see you all at the next end of the world party! Until then, lets keep all of the people who have been left shatter and disillusioned by this event in our thoughts and uhhh…. prayers? As crazy as you may think they were to believe in this, we have all believed crazy things at some point in our lives, (I mean religion in itself is kind of crazy) and we have all made mistakes. “Love thy neighbor” Matthew 22:36-40

~ by glennikin on May 22, 2011.

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