Imagine physical therapy

I’m happy to report that I actually experienced some progress with my new physical therapy today. I found this place called Imagine. (I’m resisting the pun urge here) We did a bunch of new exercises, stretches and therapy including ultra sound. Turns out my foot is not pregnant.

This was an interesting little device. A small cup attached to the end and the pump sucks the air out. They ran it over my ankle and foot trying to pull at and locate any remaining scar tissue. It really wasn’t painful at all, which means there is very little scar tissue remaining, which is good. However I am still in pain, so something is definitely up. I’m getting a second MRI tomorrow. Hopefully that will bring something to light. The PT today was good over all though.

Lost my marbles

In this exercise I pick up the marbles one by one with my foot and toes and place them in a cup. Yeah….it took a while.

Also got in a 52 mile ride today into the back country of the low country.

The wind was in my face for the first 25 miles or so, but the return ride felt pretty good. No real discomfort in the foot and I was averaging about 19mph. Motorists had no love for me today. I was almost hit twice.

Also, it looks like I’m starting a new gig. Missy (Set Decorator from Army Wives) gave me a call yesterday and asked me to be a part a project. I can’t say much about it but it sounds really interesting and I’m excited to work with Missy. She’s kind of the person who gave me a shot in the first place three years ago. She’s great. It’s going to be a crazy amount of work because it’s just the two of us in the Art Department but I enjoy these kinds of jobs where I’m required to do a little bit of everything. I’m a j”ack of all trades master of none” anyhow. I was trying to get on a show in Columbia SC called Homeland but haven’t any success yet, so I have to take the first thing that comes my way. Can’t turn down a good opportunity. I just hope I won’t be shooting my self in the foot (that’s the last thing I need at this point) for getting on a show later on. This is gig is pretty short running just 3-4 weeks. All well, not worrying about it. I’m stoked to work on a cool project with a great friend and mentor.

So it looks like a few things are finally starting to go my way. I will try to keep the force on my side and run (well eventually) with this momentum.


~ by glennikin on May 19, 2011.

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