The bubons

We’re just a few days away from the race, and I’ve come down with the nastiest of colds. It’s been enlightening. I had no idea the human body was capable of producing this much mucus. It started a few days ago with a scratchy throat. The absurd amount of pollen in the air has been reeking havoc on my system on for weeks and it has probably attributed to my downfall. I respect that flowers need to get it on, but when my car has a perpetual yellow tint to it, that’s a bit much. Running sick is not the most pleasant of experiences, though I have done it before by running the frosty 50k in Winston-Salem 3 years ago with strep throat.

I’m pumping myself full of fluids, vitamins, garlic, Naproxen, and I’m resting as much as possible, but beyond that, there’s not much I can do. But, if anyone has any home remedy suggestions, I’m all ears. I still ran the Cooper River Bridge Run on Saturday and came in right at 49 minutes. I probably should have taken it a little slower, or not run at all, but I had been pushing all of my friends really hard this year to run it, and I didn’t want to not be there after all of my relentless nagging.

So as the bubons continues its Sherman’s march through my system, currently setting up camp in my chest, we’re getting ready to run this thing. Last night Lael and I did some marathon shopping. Army Wives graciously donated a big chunk of change to our cause, and we used it to load up on supplies. Our shopping cart raneth over with water, Gatorade, trail mix, fruit, juices, granola, yogurt, cliff bars, and pretty much anything else that’s loaded with energy and easy to serve up in a van.

It takes a lot to fuel eleven runners for 36 hours. Thank you so much Army Wives!!!

If you’re curious as to where we’re heading check out the course map at Click on the full course map under “Latest Updates”. If we’re coming through your neighborhood, come out and cheer us on! I’ll be posting live updates through mapmyrun, Facebook, and Twitter, so pick your poison.

~ by glennikin on April 6, 2011.

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