A minute and a half?!??! Are you kidding me? I don’t care what anyone says, I’m going by my watch, and that Marathon was 26.5 (a standard marathon is 26.2).

I ran the inaugural Charleston Marathon yesterday.

I didn’t realize that a marathon had never been run in charleston before. That said, I had to throw down a good time. I had a dream of crossing in under 4 hours but honestly, I thought I would put in a 4:30 or 4:20 at best. When I got to the half marathon point though, I looked at my watch and saw that it was under two hours. I knew it would be close, but it meant that I actually had a shot at it. I won’t lie, my legs were on fire for the last six miles. This is the longest distance I’ve run in well over a year, and I usually don’t go against the clock, but I wanted this one. I dug deep in the last couple of miles and practically sprinted for the line, and I thought I had it, but it seems not. Still, I’m stoked with finishing in practically four hours. That’s nearly 60 minutes better than my usual time. I’m not really built for speed. I can just go for long stretches of time.

For the last couple of miles I was pacing with this older guy who had to have been pushing 60 which is damn impressive. I could see he was hurting though, and I tried to pull him along but he hit the wall and just couldn’t hold the pace. I felt awful but I had a shot at 4:00 and I had to take it.  And now I’m 1:32 off?!!? All well, I’ll have my revenge in two months. I’m lining up another race at the end of February. I’m still happy with my time and the fact that I’m even running these distances again at all. I think I kind of pulled a muscle in my groin on the left side on that final sprint (I’m plagued with injuries) but it doesn’t feel serious.

The event was actually really well-organized. The expo was great, though I didn’t get to spend much time at it. I had to sneak away from set just to get my race packet. Oh, and the old Credit Union crew was at the event! My buddy Brian, called to tell me they were in town. Brian essentially took over the gig from Lindsey and I. Two more people, Jonathan and Melanie, are also on the crew now. I think Brian might have gotten some footage of me crossing the line. I’m sure I looked like a wreck.

We went out to Poe’s afterwards and I had a huge burger, a big plate of cheesy bacon fries and a plate of onion rings. I’ve completely cut red meat out of my diet, but after that race….I was craving cow. It was delicious and it was quickly followed by two huge slices of pizza, a bag of chips, and a fruit smoothie. Running is awesome. It was good to see Brian again. He actually did the 10k and is looking at doing a half now! I think I’ve successfully passed on the running bug to him. I don’t think Melanie is much of a runner, but she was still super cool. Anyone who takes a class in Harry Potter has my respect!

Alright, signing off from an ice bath.

~ by glennikin on January 17, 2011.

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