Chi Chi Chi running

Alright, 7 days is up. Time for revelation….unforatunately I still can’t divulge much of what is going on at present. If you’re close to me, than you know what I’m talking about, and also why it may be in my best interest to stay silent on the matter……for now. Suffice it to say that it’s serious, with long-term repercussions hanging in the balance. I’m handling it as delicately and professionally as possible. I want to make sure I’m doing all the right things in all the right places. That’s all I’m going to say for now. As soon as I can be more open, I will be. It’s killing me not to talk about it because admittedly it’s therapeutic for me. There are no bodies buried in the back yard.

But enough of the petty worries and troubles that are besetting me, on to the good stuff. The Charleston Marathon is this weekend! I’ve been working hard in preparation, though I have kind of fallen off my training plan these past couple of weeks. The above matter through me into a slight tail spin. I still feel pretty good though. I’m aiming for around 4 hours and I would be thrilled to finish this thing in that time. I would have to hold about a 9:20 pace, which shouldn’t be a problem now that I am armed with new orthotics and the power of Tai-Chi!

My old custom orthos have served me well, but alas their time has come. Here is my new foot wear.

I know, I have the higher arches than McDonald’s. This might make me faster and perhaps a naturally better athlete but I absorb shock about as well as 70-year-old box spring mattress. I’ve read a lot about the benefits of barefoot running, and minimalist shoes. I get the principals behind it, and I do think some shoes can ironically do more harm than good, but in my case I need them, and in addition I need the support of custom fitted inserts. Prior to the new orthos I had started experiencing discomfort in my shins and knees which I’ve never had. I’ve had every other problem in the book, but never shin splints or runners knee. That told me it was time cough up the scratch and get new orthos. I’m still breaking them in so for the Marathon I will be using my old ones. One last hurrah.

My new doctor, Dr. Adam Brown, is great. For the first time I’ve found someone who gets it. I knew everything was going to be ok when I walked into the exam room and he had his bib and medal framed on the whole from a marathon he completed in just over four hours. He understood what running means to me, and that not running is not an option for me. He was the first doctor to actually encourage me to go out running. He was also the first doctor to give me a piece of literature. Dr. Brown has introduced me to the revolutionary Chi-Running.

If you are a runner, or you’re thinking about starting, or you don’t run at all because you don’t believe you can, you need to read this book. There is also a series of DVD’s and 2 week intensive camps that you can attend throughout the country that taught by a collection of Chi-Running certified instructors. Basically, this man Danny Dreyer has developed a method for applying Tai Chi principles to running. It’s all about using your core to run, as opposed to your legs. It’s cornerstones are correct posture and alignment, and making best friends with gravity. You learn to use gravity as your source of generating momentum. You lean into the run, making running more of a constant controlled fall. Your legs are merely there to momentarily touch the ground to support you. You save a tremendous amount of energy this way.  If you’re looking for an example, look no further than young children. Without being creepy, go to a park, and watch a child play and run around. They fall forward catching themselves as they go, and they’re smiling and laughing the whole time. Look at any runners face and I guarantee that you won’t seem them smirking and giggling to themselves as they trudge forward. Kids are carefree and have yet to experience the many burdens than come along with life. The book basically works on getting you back to that point. It’s philosophies and guidelines have far-reaching principles that extend well beyond running and can be applied directly to your life.

Here is a link to the Chi-Running website. Please check it out. It’ll change your life, and it’s already changing mine. It’s an incredible feeling to go out for a 6 mile or longer run and not feel like you’ve taken a step, before the “runners high” even kicks in. I’m just getting started with it, but I am already reaping the benefits. I really want to attend the training camps, and I believe there are some in Asheville NC, which is where Danny Dreyer resides.

I’ll be using some of these principles this weekend for sure. This will be the furthest distance I have run in 1 year and 2 months. About time.

Alright, well hopefully by the next post I will be able to pull the curtain back a little bit more. Get your Chi on.

~ by glennikin on January 11, 2011.

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  1. Hi!
    I just started running – only few months – and I just posted about this new adventure (
    If you have any advice for me…. it would be great!

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