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I’ve been living the life of a nomad moving from one couch to the next. I’ve spent a few weeks in Boone, and I’ve spent the past week bouncing back and forth between Charleston and Colombia. I’ve been helping my friend Lindsey with a little project. She’s started up her own non-profit organization to benefit soldiers who are fighting over seas. At the risk of her head no longer being able to fit through a doorway, Lindsey is one of the most incredible people I’ve yet to meet. Her fiance and brother are both deployed in Afghanistan. She deals with an incredible amount of emotional weight and stress, and is busier than Yogi bear at a national picnic convention, but yet she has found a way to balance it all and make everyone, myself included, feel like a priority. I’ve asked for lessons for christmas.

Anyhow, I’ve been helping her put together a short video depicting what military life is like for our fighting men and women, and also their families. Since we weren’t exactly able to go over to Afghanistan and shoot our own video, we’ve relied on pulling video and photos from the net. We’ve watched hours upon hours of footage. I won’t lie, it’s been kind of depressing. Some of the video was difficult enough to watch once, let alone again and again. War is grim stuff. What our guys go through when their over there……it’s not a game. It’s not Call of Duty, there is no respawn. It’s been very eye-opening.

I think most of us understand on an intellectual level what the military means and what they do, but unless you have a loved one who is serving, I don’t think we really connect on an emotional level with what they and their families and friends go through. We don’t really think about it in our daily lives. I know I don’t. I definitely have a new sense of appreciation for our armed forces.

I’ll post the video when it’s completed. It’s kind of a tear jerker.

So after doing that for a few days in Colombia, and helping my friend Amber move out of her place in Charleston, I find myself back in the mountains. The weather is beautiful right now. I had a go at a big climb today but was soundly beaten. It’s amazing what coming back to this elevation will do to you, even after only being away for a week. We are busy wrapping stuff up for the retreat. The website is getting dialed in. We’re getting our paperwork together, and I would say the space is 100% ready. We just got new carpets and rugs, and averted a crisis with flooding.


The Common Area



It looks as though I will be back for yet another season with the wives in Charleston. Season 5 will start production in December, so it seems that I’ve got to find a new place to live until May. I’m working on finding a place with a few people. If you’re living in Charleston and looking for a roommate and you’re not crazy, married, or a backstabbing treacherous DB, then by all means let me know!!!


~ by glennikin on November 11, 2010.

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