This weekend I was location scouting Atlanta. Season four at fort Marshall is quickly coming to a close, and outside of Army Wives, South Carolina doesn’t have a lot to offer in the TV and Film business. There’s actually an indie feature shooting in Charleston right now, but they wrap production right around the same time that we do. My local union of 491 covers NC, SC, and Savannah. South Carolina is definitely dead, and it doesn’t appear that North Carolina is going to be busy anytime soon, except for the a Nicholas Sparks project that may or may not land somewhere in NC. If it does happen it will most likely go to Wilmywood, and if that happens, I feel like it will be mostly a local Wilmington crew, and rightly so. Guys up there are starving because outside of One Tree Hill (which amazingly is going into its 8th season) there is nothing happening. I don’t think I’ll have much of a shot getting on anything up there, hence why I spent the weekend checking out ATL. If I do decide to make the move I will probably have to switch unions, because I’m not quite at the point where I can get a call and go work in a different union’s jurisdiction. I don’t think I have the resume and experience for that just yet to be honest.

There’s definitely no shortage of work in ATL. Just driving around downtown I ran into a couple of productions, one being AMC’s “The Walking Dead”

The apocalypse, right across from Starbucks

My buddy Jackson, whose apartment I crashed at for the weekend, has been day playing on the show. It’s quite a production, and he’s actually had the opportunity to meet a few of his Special FX idols. I’m sure it was the equivalent of what it would be like for me to step onto a transporter pad.

Atlanta is a huge mess of a city and I mean that in the most loving way. It’s just that it’s set up based on the rail system as opposed to it being gridded out like New York. Lanes disappear and reappear and become exits and entrances out of nowhere. Good luck to you if you’re in the wrong lane and miss or take an exit by mistake. You can expect to add 15-20 minutes to your trip. Highways and byways criss cross in and out of the city in ways that make no sense at all. And who thought it would be a good idea to name 71 streets peachtree!?!

Millions of Peaches!

Seriously, that’s not a made up number, look it up. Though ironically enough, I really didn’t have much trouble navigating……does that say something about me? Hmm…..moving on.

I spent Saturday just driving around everywhere, checking out each area of the sprawling metropolis and surveying the best areas to possibly call home. I also of course hit up the major cycling and running shops.

Big Peach Running!

I’m happy to report that the running community is alive and well in Atlanta, but there is quite literally nowhere to ride. For that matter, there aren’t a lot of great places to run either, yet people are still out there doing their thing, which is encouraging. There is just an unbelievable amount of traffic and lights. It felt like I was stopping every 500 feet. And I was there on the weekend, and I’m told during the week it’s just horrendous.

lights lights lights

That could potentially make for a very annoying bike ride. If I move here I’m definitely going to have to get Kona ready for some serious urban riding.

So anyhow, it’s a thought, I haven’t decided on anything yet. I know I’m going to be moving somewhere and Atlanta seems like the logical short term choice. It’s not a huge move, I know a few people, and there’s enough work where I should be able to continue to build up my resume and contacts and get closer to the point of being able to move where I really want to. But where that is I really don’t know yet either. There have only been two places that have felt like home to me thus far, those two being Japan, and Chattanooga TN. Makes perfect sense right?!?!

Tomorrow I have an appointment for an MRI of my left foot. This is absurd. I never expected to be having this much trouble from sliding into second base. Last thursday I saw of the leading orthopaedics in the country, Dr. John Graham. He was great and very understanding. Being a runner himself, he understood that not running is not an option for me and that I have to get back to the level that I was at. He performed a variety of strength and flexibility tests and my ankle performed well, so he then ran some additional Xrays which turned up some sort of “abnormality”.

Apparently the light gray area that is circled on the right is abnormal. Dr. Graham thinks that a small piece of bone may have jammed up into some cartilage and could be causing problems. I really don’t know anymore. I feel like I don’t know my body anymore at all. I’m hoping for answers tomorrow, but I probably won’t get them. I’m debating on even going. Part of me just wants to run the problem out. Maybe if I just keep going the problem will disappear and I’ll be back on the road just like I was…..

I’m going to go, but I think this is kind of going to be it. If this doesn’t lead to a solution, then…I don’t know. I’ll figure something out, because not running is not an option.

~ by glennikin on June 14, 2010.

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