I traded a whole bunch of green paper this past weekend in my continuing desperate efforts to figure out why I can’t seem to get my legs under me. Since I incorporated running into my life 4-5 years ago it’s been Asics or bust. The gt 2120 was the first shoe that I tried on, and I’ve been with the 2100 line ever since. I strayed a few times and it ended in disaster both times. I tried a line of Pearl Izumis which were just awful, for me anyhow. I’ve never really been a fan of anything PI. In the early days I also gave the Asics Kayano’s a try, but they didn’t work either. Part of the problem was that I had that pesky bone spur that rubbed against my shoe. It was difficult to find a shoe that didn’t irritate it, and the 2100’s were the only ones that didn’t bother it, and at the same time gave me the support that I needed. Now, as I have said many many times, I’m not built for this. I certainly don’t have the gene’s for it (sorry mom & dad I mean appreciate you two doing your thing and giving me the gift of life and all, but I don’t have an athletic bone in my body). I pronate like hell which is why I had custom orthotics made. As I’ve mentioned in many previous posts, it turns out (according to my podiatrist) that all that time, my orthotics were not fit properly. However ever since he “adjusted” them, I’ve had nothing but problems, even prior to my ankle sprain. The good doctor swore up and down that the adjustment would be an improvement and that surgery would not have a long-lasting negative impact on my running and that essentially I would run the same way I always had, only pain-free and stronger.

I don’t believe him. My foot (feet) are not the same. Nothing is ever the same after surgery, no matter how small. And even if the adjustment to my orthos was for the better, I just can’t believe that they are not spent by now. I’ve got thousands of miles on them. All that said, I decided to seek some advice from the staff at TrySports in Mt. Pleasant. It’s a great shop with a super knowledgeable and friendly staff. They really go the extra mile, (I love puns!) to make sure you are in the shoe that is best for you. I brought in my 2140’s and orthotics and they performed a gait analysis on me. I ran on a treadmill and while they videoed my gait and stride. I should have taken a picture of the results. My pronation is even more pronounced than before!

Not my feet but you get the picture

And actually my pronation is even more pronounced than this guy’s. The angle is measured from where those two yellow lines intersect. (the angle of my leg and and the angle of foot striking the ground) My gait analysis was about 166 degrees. Any more and I would just be running on the side of my foot. The 2100 line is for neutral to moderate pronation. But again, I chose those shoes years ago, because one, they were for pronation, and two, they didn’t irritate that damn bone spur. Also, my thought was that my orthotics would take care of the rest. Well now that the spur is now more, and my orthotics are no longer effective, the guys at TrySports suggested some shoes that would offer more support and alleviate the pain I’ve been experiencing from my otrthos. I tried on some Mizunos, and Sauconys. They were both great shoes but just didn’t feel right. I ended up coming back to Asics (I should have known) with their Kayano line. Originally, I wasn’t a fan of this shoe. It was heavy and bulky, with a shallow heel pocket and it did not conform to the foot very well. But this is not your grandpa’s Kayanos. Asics has refined this shoe to near perfection. It’s extremely light weight, dare I say even lighter than the 2100 line. It makes the old Kayanos look like a tank. The heel is much deeper and feels like it hugs and holds it in place. Just like all of Asics’ shoes, it has a nice wide mid section and plenty of toe room for a loose but at the same time snug fit. I felt like the shoe was wrapping around my foot without constricting it. Add to all of that, asymmetrical lacing, and I was sold.

Kayano 16

I also decided to abandon my orthotics. I’m trying to some custom fitted arch supports that TrySports essentially molded to my foot. Yeah, I’m not messing around.

I took them out for their inaugural run last night. I felt like running along the ocean so I drove (yes, you read that right, I drove) down to Sullivan’s island and took for off for what ended up being 7 miles. It was a good run. The shoes felt comfortable, but today both of my ankles are pretty sore. I’ve been getting in the pool a lot more lately and I will probably work in a swim tonight. The pool therapy seems to be helping, but I still have a long way to go. I figure by the time I get about 50 miles on these guys, I should know whether or not the Kayanos are going to work out.

No white flags here.

~ by glennikin on June 7, 2010.

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