Not to code

Last night I found I’m not broken! I logged 8 miles. That’s my longest run since December! So, apparently I’m not past my prime just yet as my irrational fears were kind of leading me to believe. I actually had no intention of running 8 miles. It was an accident…how many times have I said that? But seriously, I got off work early so I planned to log a quick 4 miler in preparation for the 10k this saturday. As I was lacing up and about to head out the door my friend and fellow runner Anne texted me. Anne has just recently joined the Art Department on Army Wives, which I’m really happy about. I told her that I had been relieved of duty early and was going out for a run, to which she replied “Wait, aren’t you coming to Mike’s party?” After a long tour here at Fort Marshall, our beloved Art Director, Mike Ward, is resigning with an honorable discharge in order to spend more time with his family. I had completely forgotten about the party, partly because I didn’t expect to be able to attend since I assumed that I would be on set for most of the night. So I found myself torn. I really needed to log a run, but at the same time I wanted to say farewell to my friend. So I compromised and asked Anne if she would be kind enough to give me a lift home if I ran to the party. I figured it would be between 7-8 miles. So i grabbed my camel back, stuffed a change of clothes inside, and headed out the door. I wasn’t all too sure how I would hold up, given that I hadn’t log anything close to this distance in over 5 months and I was also worried about the injuries I’ve sustained.

I opted for some motivational music to get me through the trek. I selected the following track and put in on repeat.

It’s available on iTunes and I’m sure it’s on CD somewhere if you still collect those shiny coffee coasters. If you’re ever in need of some motivational, “get you through” music, this is it. Especially at 2:32 in. Epic.

I surprised myself. I held up exceptionally well. It was a big confidence booster and sorely needed. I hit a little hiccup when I got to the party though. Anne said that everyone was at the Rooftop bar downtown. I arrived just as the sun was starting to set and as I walked up to the front doors two suits with exceptionally large bodies filling them out, blocked the entrance. Apparently my Golite shirt and compression shorts were not to code. After 6:00 only people wearing “collared shirts” were allowed to pass. I stared at the guys in disbelief. I thought it was a joke at first, but they were dead serious. Well they don’t exactly make collared wicking shirts so I was pretty much stuck. I tried to explain to them that it was just a film crew getting together and that I doubt anyone would be too terribly offended if I didn’t have a little extra fabric around my neck. They weren’t having any of it.

I called Anne and told her about the ridiculous situation. She started to see if anyone had an extra shirt or something (cause you know most people carry a spare)  but I said it was fine and that I didn’t want to be at a place like that anyhow and I was probably just going to find a ride from someone else and head back home. But then I thought for a minute, “they said I couldn’t enter without a collared shirt….hmm…..” I got on my phone, (always run with a phone) and called in a favor from my friend Jesse. I basically offered her a “Get out of jail free card” of sorts if she would meet me downtown with classiest collared shirt she could get her hands on. So she yanked one of her boyfriends and met me downtown. I threw on the shirt right over top of my running get up and strolled right back up to the entrance. Looking the guys square in the eye I said “Alright, we good?” They looked at each other and narrowed their eyes at me and very begrudgingly parted from the door. Victory! I could tell they were not very happy at all about it, but they had no choice. I met their “code”. Feeling like I had kind of just stuck it to the man I strolled over to the elevator, walked in, and pressed the button that would take me to the roof where my I could recant my tale of rebellious victory to my friends who were waiting my arrival. The ride came to a stop, the chime sounded, and the doors parted and I strolled out onto an empty roof. I walked the entire expanse searching for where everyone might be heading, but there was no one to be found save for an over affectionate couple in the corner who looked like they were trying to snack on each other’s necks.

Reaching for my phone again I called up Anne. “Where are you guys?” I said. “We’re on the roof. Where are you?” she replied. “On the Roof!” I said. “There’s no one here”. “Wait, which bar are you at? she asked. Yup, wrong bar. Come on! How many roof top bars are in a city?!?!? Apparently there are several. They happened to be at the one that didn’t require collars. I’m really not too familiar with the bar scene here. Surprising, I know.

So that was a whole lot of awesome. When I walked back out of the bar that I had put so much effort into getting in, the guys gave me some serious looks of death. They must have thought I was just messing with them at this point. Anyhow I made it for the tail end of the shin dig, was able to say my goodbyes and on top of all of that, I found out that I still have my legs! I wish Mike the best of luck in the rest of his endeavors! He will be missed. Replacing mike will be the Art Director from LOST, which is pretty cool.

Hello, my name is Glenn Peison and I’m addicted to lost. If I could inject the show into my veins I probably would. I’m nearly caught up on the series so please no spoilers!! I’m about to start season 5. Season 4 was phenomenal.

Alright, well we have a late 10:30am call tomorrow so I’m heading to bed so I can get up early and get a nice 20 mile ride in before going to set. Kind of nice to be able to do that for a change. The flip side of a late call however is a late wrap. We will probably be shooting until around midnight. Convenient that this day comes the night before a 10k footrace at 8 in the morning in a town that’s an hour away. Perfect. I definitely won’t be setting any PR’s on Saturday but I expect to be able to finish sub 1:00.

~ by glennikin on May 7, 2010.

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