Leave your excuses in the dust.

So, that’s a photo of my left foot. I decided to even things up and put that one out of commission. You know, give the right a break…..I really probably shouldn’t put it that way, especially the way my luck has been going with injuries. I really don’t have too many more limbs left that I can’t do damage to. The doc says I have a grade three sprain (there are four levels) and I will need 1-2 weeks of “heal” time. Forgive the pun. I don’t even have a cool story to go with it. I was just playing in an Army Wives softball game and slid into second base and jammed it up. I wasn’t even doing either of my sports. I can’t say I rolled it while traversing a steep incline on a technical single track, or on a 40 mph descent, nope, I hurt my poor ankle playing SOFT-ball. I was safe though.

Nothing broken!!

It hurt like hell when it happened, but I thought I could just walk it off. I sat out an inning and iced it and then started walking around. It was uncomfortable but I didn’t think I had done anything to severe. So I played out the rest of the game running the bases full tilt. Halfway through the second game it started pouring and most everyone bailed. It was then that my buddy Sebastian looked down and observed that my left foot and calf was substantially larger than my right. It looked like I had shoved a grapefruit into my sock.

I spent the rest of the day laid up on the couch watching LOST. My friend Julia turned me on to it. I’m about halfway through the first season and digging it. My friend Jesse came to my rescue with a homemade rice sock that I could freeze and heat. When I woke up on the next day I couldn’t put pressure on it. That’s when I decided to head to the ER. Meanwhile my friend Audrey, and her boyfriend Jim had just arrived in Charleston for their spring vacation. I had offered up my place for them to crash and though it would be cool for us to hang out for a few days and tour around chucktown. I can’t think of a better way to spend your vacation in a beautiful coastal city Emergency Room. They were both great about tending to my wounds, and they got me from the couch to the ER. Audrey went as far as to clean my entire apartment. She even squeezed all the toothpaste to the top of the tube.

I felt really rotten about impeding on their vacation. After I got treated and found out that it was just a sprain and nothing was broken or torn, I got put into the aircast again. Thankfully, I found that I could hobble about. I still wanted to take them around town but there was no way I could meander around in my condition. So then I got the idea to use my bike and just do most of the pedaling with my good foot. So that’s what I did. We got into my truck, through my bike in the back, and I toured them around downtown in the lowest gear and just let my right foot do the work. It was actually really efficient. I’m actually really lucky that it didn’t happen to my right foot. I would have been in some serious trouble had that been the case. The doctors said I should still be good for the bridge run on March 27th. They advised me to bail on the bike race this weekend…….we’ll see.

Sunday night we went to an award ceremony for a Charleston film festival that the Terrace Theatre was putting on. My friends’ Keva and Karen Keyes, had their film “Letters From Home” in the running.

Remember those two names, because they are going to be huge, like Academy Award huge. Their short film centers on soldiers in a remote camp in Afghanistan dealing with the difficulties of being away from home and their families. It’s an intimate character piece that is shot and designed brilliantly. In just nine short minutes you find yourself genuinely interested and immersed in the soldiers lives and their world. You feel a sense of connection, almost brotherhood, and the performances that are given are top-notch. To accomplish all of that in nine minutes is no easy feat. LFH has been getting a lot of positive press, not to mention a heap of awards and I know more on the way. They of course won for best overall short at this festival. Unfortunately Keva wasn’t present to accept the award because she was out in LA winning all sorts of awards at another festival. Karen, her sister, accepted the award on their behalf. I’m calling it right now, Academy Award, watch it happen. They were kind enough to give me a credit in the film as an on set dresser. I really didn’t do much at all, but I was honored to be a part of it in a very small way.

The Dynamic Duo also recently won a $100,000 grant to produce another film which they will be shooting this coming fall. I hope I can be a part of that as well. I’m telling you these girls are going somewhere. They have more energy and passion for life and what they do then anyone I’ve ever met. It’s really refreshing. They’re going places, and it’s because they want to.

Ah yes, and Sebastian reached his goal!!!

When last we left out hero he had hit the $500 mark and was well on his way to a leg and chest waxing. I’m happy to report that he hit the $2,000 mark and as a result he was hit with paint balls. He’s also sporting silky smooth legs and a chest as smooth as a baby’s bottom.

Everyone who donated go to pop a few shots at him. I tried to aim for his shoulders and around his collar where I knew his armor would be the weakest.

Kudos to whoever gets that picture and quote reference.

Here are the results of that brutal attack.

The Day After. A few of those on the left are my handiwork.

Someone has some video of the event as well, which I will track down and post.

So yeah, all of that has been happening, but honestly there’s something else that’s got me more excited than anything in the world.

Meet the Elliptigo!!!!!!

This is going to change everything. That’s Dean Karnazes in the photo above. He is going to be putting the Eliptigo through its paces by riding it from San Diego to LA and then hoping off and running the LA marathon. That’s a distance of about 500 miles, not including the marathon. This machine is incredible. Head to the Elliptigo website to watch the Demo Videos. http://www.elliptigo.com/

Imagine what this can do for people who have bad knees or shin splints. It basically simulates the act of running minus the harsh impact! Now you don’t have to be stuck in a gym watching reruns of the bachelor!!!!! You can get out and be with other runners or cyclists. It’s also an incredible cross training machine. You can do a hard run one day, and then follow it up the next day with a hard ride on the Elliptigo and avoid all of the impact. Great for recovery.

Plus, it’s sexy. This is a sleek machine and it folds up for easy transportation. It’s fast too. You can get this thing up to well over 25mph. Awesome! The frame is aluminum, it sports an 8 speed Shimano hub and the drive arms are carbon fiber. You can head to the site to read up on all of the specs. Needless to say I want one. It’s really not that unreasonably priced. I think the MSRP is $2,100. When you think about it, that’s what you’re going to pay for any good piece of gym equipment like a treadmill or elliptical. Now you can be mobile! This thing is also great for commuting. I really want to get my hands on one. Unfortunately the company is only demoing on the west coast right now. I imagine that as thing takes off, which it will, that they will spread to other cities, especially on the coast. I know something like this would be hugely popular in Charleston. I plan to write the company and do everything I can to get this thing out here.

So yeah, I might crack open my piggy bank for this. I always get my self a wrap gift at the end of each production. Last year it was blumoly. This year it was going to be new wheels for her, and the set that I want is going to run me about $1,000 per wheel, or the same price as the Elliptigo. I might be cruising around on one of these sooner rather than later. I’m really interested to see how it handles on the bumpy roads around here. The demos of people cruising the smooth coastal highways in California look great, but I would really like to put it to the test on the roads around here. They do have a 60 day money back guarantee. I’m going to talk to a few bike shops in the area and see if we can’t get this thing over here, for some demos so I don’t have to buy it out right just to get on it.

There are no excuses not to get outside now! Bad knees? No problem, now you can cruise around on a machine that offers a tremendous cardio workout with no impact!!! If you live on the east coast, then write this company and tell them how badly you want to get on this thing and Elliptigo!

~ by glennikin on March 16, 2010.

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