Back To One

I’ve finally got Clearance to run! The doc gave me the ok earlier this week. So I’m back….albeit back at square one. I essentially have to start all over again. I’ve logged a couple of 1.5 mile runs so far. It’s difficult because after logging 40 mile runs, one and a half seriously just feels like a stroll down the drive way. The rest of my body is ready to go, but my foot has to play catch up.

I’ve already signed up for my first race, a 5k at the James Island County Park on February 27th.

I should be able to hit that distance in time. Then next will probably be the 10k Cooper River Bridge Run, and from there, I’m not sure. I should be back at or near Marathon status by June.

I found out that Gus, who works in Casting, is actually training for the ultimate body punishment, an Iron Man! If you don’t know, an Iron Man is death by swiming, cycling, and running. It tests the human body and mind by hurdling it through a 2.4 mile swim, a 120 mile bike ride, and a full Marathon. Oh, and you’re also against the clock as you have to finish all three of these events in under 17 hours.

My buddy Sebastian (guy who helped with the proposal and fellow endurance junkie) has a sister and brother-in-law law who are also prepping for an Iron Man with Team In Training. Team In Training is a program that brings runners, cyclists, and swimmers together to support each other in their training while at the same time raising money for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

It’s the same group that my friend Sarah Solovey was with when she completed her LA Marathon. (see “Solo in Training“)
She ended up raising several thousand dollars and all together, Team In Training has raised millions over the years.

In his own unique way, Sebastian has launched an effort to support his sis and bro by marriage. He’s started a fundraiser on set with incremental motivators at specicified donation amounts.

Allow me to Illustrate

He has actually already shot past the $500 mark, so as promised, he will be taking a little off the top next week. Photos will be posted.

Next up will be a leg waxing, followed by the chest. If he reaches $2,000, which at this pace should be no problem, he will be placed in-front of a firing squad armed with paintball guns. Welts for wellness!!

Visit the team in Training website to learn more about the organization and how you can be involved. If you’d like to make a contribution to Sebastian’s torment visit this link.

Be sure leave me a comment on this post or send me an email with your donation amount so that I can pass that on to Sebastian.

Yesterday Charleston was transformed into a winter wonderland…..for about 13 hours. Yes, it actually snowed in Charleston. Anne and I tried to build a snow dog, but it collapsed. (you have me beat in the snow sculpting Tiff)

The Real Snow Dog

The weather outside is indeed frightful and I’m going for a run.

~ by glennikin on February 13, 2010.

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