The Proposal

What are the some of the most important questions that someone can ask? Wheat or white? Is it the red wire or the blue wire? Did he fire five shots or six? (Kudos to whoever gets that quote) Grant it, those are all important questions in their own right, but I think “What are you up to for the rest of your life?” holds the trump card. This weekend I had the honor and privilege of playing a small role in one of the most important moments to happen in someone’s life. It was one of the coolest things that I have ever been involved with. It ranks right up there with setting up a road block for my prom busses my senior year of high school……. guess that cat is out of the bag. Moving on.

On a chilly star filled night in Mt. Pleasant South Carolina, my good buddy Keegan Sacko popped the question to his long time girlfriend Katie Mason. For those of you who don’t remember Mr Sacko, let me jog your memory.

It’s this guy.

I don't know what woman wouldn't want to be engaged to that.

If you do remember Keegan from an earlier post “Man Krush”, then you should expect nothing but great things, and ladies and gentlemen, he did not disappoint. Thanks to Keegan us guys all have our work cut out for us, as the bar as now been set ridiculously high. So fellas, get out your pens and paper and take notes.

Keegan and Katie, have been together for about five years and I don’t think I’ve met two people more well suited for each other. This really couldn’t happen for a better couple and that makes me happier than my simple prose can possibly hope to express.

Keegan first came to me on set a couple of weeks ago and told me that he was in the midst of working up an elaborate and creative scheme that would set a new standard for proposals. His whole plan centered on playing off a bunch of overly romantic clichés, while at the same time still holding a lot of meaning for the both of them. I wanted in. The word cliché immediately brought to mind classical music. So I posed the idea of having a classical quartet show up. Great idea, completely cliché, just gotta track down a bunch of classical musicians who would be willing to drive out to Mt. Pleasant one cold night, and be part of this whole scheme. Enter Andrew and Classical Charleston.

My old roommate Andrew manages his own classical music company “Classical Charelston” and he is an accomplished cello player himself.

The Maestro

It would fit in brilliantly with the theme of the evening. This plan was %100 USDA certified Keegan. By that I mean it was something you could clearly see had his name written all over it. It was clever, comical, meaningful and five pronged. Yes, this proposal had five parts. My god, most weddings don’t even have five parts. He really did pull out all the stops on this.

Keegan and Katie live in this little mini community within Mt. Pleasant. It’s rather charming, complete with quaint little shops and restaurants. It was an ideal spot for what he had in mind. The plan was for the evening to start out by Keegan simply coming clean and saying “Well look, I plan to propose to you tonight, but I figure it’s your proposal too and you should have a say in how it goes down so I’ve got a few options for you.” Brilliant. The night would begin with a nice little restaurant where desert and champagne, with a fake ring in the glass, would be waiting for them. After spending a few minutes there, and not feeling that was the right way to do it, they would move on and take a stroll down a sidewalk until happening upon two classical musicians playing a violin and cello arrangement of “The Glory of Love”. I never really got the full story on the significance of this song. I think it had something to do with the Karate Kid.

Anyhow, not feeling like that was the right way to do it either, they would move on to a little Irish Pub where some of their closest friends and family would be gathered. Then, feeling like this just wasn’t quite the way either, they would move away from the bar scene, and on to a picturesque little park only a few short blocks away, where a bedsheet would be strung up and a projector would be playing a short montage video that Keegan compiled from a bunch of footage and photos of their times spent together over the past few years. The video was set to “Sweet Disposition” by the Temper Trap. Check it out below.

Yes, I cried.

Then, feeling like that wasn’t quite the way to do it either, he would walk her over to the classic wooden bench, and bathed in brilliant white light from a nearby street lamp, he would take a knee and finally ask the all important question.

To make all of this happen took an incredible amount of planning and coordinating. All the while, he managed to stay under Katie’s radar. Once Andrew and Classical Charleston was on board we had a little meet and greet a few nights prior to the event to go over the plan and the location. Keegan had this thing nailed down to the minute. Would you expect anything less from an AD? Everyone involved got together at about 5:00 on Saturday. Keegan fabricated some story about going to see an old friend, or a hooker or something, in order to free himself up for an hour or so.

The Locations and Grip departments for Army Wives had offered up a generator, a couple of space heaters and a few c stands to rig up the white sheet. Sebastian, Mike P, (fellow Army Wivers) and a few others showed up to help as well. The clock was ticking, but the plan was definitely coming together. When 6:00 rolled around Keegan took his leave, and the rest of us took our positions. Mike was manning the projector set up (code name Delta), Sebastian, and the rest of the friends and family were waiting at the bar (code name Charlie), the hostess and wait staff were ready and waiting with champagne and desert at the restaurant (code name Alpha), and I was waiting with the music boys (code baker). Curtain was due up at 6:40, and baker was to go off at 7:00. I think I was actually more nervous than Keegan. That’s probably not true, but seriously, he looked like a man who had it together. You would have thought he was going to ask Katie what color of curtains she’d prefer, not if she would like to spend the rest of her life with him. Everyone stayed in voice contact by using our set radios. At about 6:40 Keegan radioed in that they were on the move. At that point I got the boys into place, albeit the wrong place. Keegan had picked a spot down a little alley underneath a pergola type structure. Earlier in the day we set up a couple of chairs for the guys, but when I lead us down the alley to get into place, the chairs were gone. Perfect. I radioed in to Mike that someone had snagged the chairs and that I was going to run back over and grab the two that were set up at Delta, and then when the guys finished playing, I would run them back over before Keegan and Katie showed up. Just as I was about to dash off Andrew noticed a second alley, oddly similar to the one we were standing in. Yup, I had lead us down the wrong alley. In my defense though, they looked exactly the same. We walked over to the adjacent alley and sure enough, there were the chairs. Yes, I came that close to ruining everything. I let the guys set up and do their thing, while I did my thing……pacing nervously back and forth. That was the longest twenty minutes. It felt the same way as it does right before the start of a big race. Just shoot the gun off and lets start this thing already. 7 o’clock finally rolled around, and just as planned, Keegan’s voiced came crackling over the radio.

It went off beautifully. The music started up just as they were about to turn the corner into the alley way. During all of this, I was also playing videographer. I did my best to capture the moment while staying tucked behind some bushes. I couldn’t really tell but I think Katie started to cry, or maybe that was just me. It’s going to be super embarrassing when they play this video back and just hear my soft little sniffles in the background. Charlie was up next. As K&K moved on, We started to make our way towards the park. Unfortunately operation “charlie” did not take as long as anticipated and as we were rounding the corner out of the alleyway Keegan and Katie walked out the door of the pub. So with cellos, and violins strapped to our backs we ducked behind the closest vehicle. I feel confident that this was the first gig the guys had played that required them to be agile. As they moved off towards Delta I knew their was no way we were going to beat them there so we just kept our distance, dashing from tree to tree and car to car. The hope was to get the guys in place for when Keegan finally asked the question. As Keegan and Katie closed in on the park I sent the guys down a path that took them around the back. I crept towards the projected movie doing my best to capture everything while remaining in stealth mode. It turns out, the moment that Keegan and Katie came upon the park, the makeshift screen toppled forward. Mike made a valliant attempt to run out of his hiding spot and set it vertical again but they had already arrived. I hadn’t gotten there at this point so Keegan had to hold the other side of the screen up until I sneaked in and relieved him so he could be by Katie and watch the video. The movie was beautiful. The whole night was really beautiful.

As the credits rolled, the moment had come at last and they moved over to the proposal bench and I made for the nearest tree. And, just as Keegan took a knee, a soft rendition of Cannon in D came rolling in with the soft night breeze. (See youtube video below if your unfamiliar with the tune)

It was amazing. It couldn’t have been scripted better. The music even came to a huge crescendo as she said yes and they embraced in a kiss that would rival Clark Gabel. Afterwards everyone celebrated with drinks at the aforementioned pub, and… sweetness and light, alls well that ends well.

Keegan, Katie,

I’m so happy for both of you. Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of something that unique and special. It’s something that I will never forget, and a memory that I will cherish forever. What you two have is very special, and I feel, rare. Under no circumstances are you to lose it. Sorry about all the sniffling on the video.

Congratulations, and may the force be with you.

~ by glennikin on February 9, 2010.

5 Responses to “The Proposal”

  1. Thanks for the nice blog entry buddy. Couldn’t have done it without you. We will remember it for ever, and i cant thank you enough for playing such a pivotal role in it all.

  2. Well done. Your sniffels compare nothing to my out right balling. You are a good friend. They are a wonderful couple who’s love will last forever. I wish you both the ultimate happiness and best wishes.
    Glenn, I’ma get you for this.
    Dad Sacko

  3. You guys are such wimps. Stop your crying and check out the ROCK on my finger 🙂

    Seriously, Glen, you rock my world. Thanks for being such an important part of our night… our life.


    PS – the prom story is awesome!

  4. So, I work with Katie and she just told me the whole story about how everything went down that night and she mentioned there was this blog……now I’m sitting at my desk with tears running down my face! Katie and Keegan have some really great friends, and I’m so glad Katie shared this with me so I could get the full scoopage of the evening! Kudos to all of you involved!

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