iPad, iFail

It’s, magical, revolutionary…..actually it’s just bigger.

Apple debuted their latest gadget yesterday to what seems to be overwhelming disappointment. Apple has consistently raised the bar on tech gadgets, but this time they’ve set the bar so low that your liable to trip. To Apple’s credit, they have revolutionized the way we interact with our media. They’ve released several products that literally changed the way we do things, namely the iPod, MacBooks, and iPhone. I have all of the above.

Yesterday apple released a bigger and less featured iPhone they are calling ipad. Steve Jobs called it “magical and revolutionary”. The only thing it might revolutionize is your night stand.

Apple will definitely be catering to a very niche market. I really don’t think the over 30 million iPhone owners will be interested in paying an extra $30 a month for 3g access on their iPads, when they are already paying a monthly fee for their iPhones.

There is literally nothing the iPad can do that the iPhone can’t. Steve Jobs said that it will be the best browsing experience you’ve ever had. Well this might have some truth to it, but for one critical failure. It still doesn’t support flash!!! In other words you’re still browsing the same web as the iPhone. The majority of websites have at least some flash integration thus you still won’t be able to browse the “whole” Internet. It’s a cool interactive and intimate way to browse the web, but you won’t be getting the whole web. This was clearly seen when Steve Jobs demoed web browsing on the iPad by going to the New York Times website. Lots of little blue boxes with question marks. Jobs was also noticeably un-enthused about his latest product.

Here is the link to watch the keynote address on apple’s site.

It also has no camera or eye sight. That might have made it at least a little more appealing. So that takes out iChat, and it also does not have finder and you still can’t do wireless syncing.

But wow, it does have 1 month of stand by time!! Great, so it can collect dust for a month and still have power. Quite a feature.

It also has a 1ghz processor. That’s really not impressive considering that several smart phones have matched that speed or better. (nexus one, droid)
My grandma has a 1 ghz processor.

I love Apple, and I want to love this, but I need a reason. Now get it to run a full OS, give it a camera, eye sight, and flash support, and you might have something. Until then I’m going to stick with my iPad nano.

iPad nano.

It’s great. It’s just like an iPad only smaller. It has the same functionality, and it even has a camera. It fits conveniently right into your pocket and runs 3G.

Apple, apple, apple. You have fallen very far from the tree on this one. You don’t have to revolutionize the world with every product release (though you quite nearly have) but we have come to expect more than silly little gadget gimmicks.

~ by glennikin on January 28, 2010.

2 Responses to “iPad, iFail”

  1. No multitasking? Seriously? I owned an Amiga 20+ years ago that could do real preemptive multitasking and that could probably still run rings around the iPad. Pass. Next-gen, maybe. Get it together, Apple. I’m only so impressed with your sexalicious designs. I really like it when there’s something fun lurking underneath, and this ain’t it.

  2. Too techy for this old lady.

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