The day the earth did not stand still

Progress! I’m out of the walking cast and back in my running shoes, though, I’m not cleared to run just yet. I am however back on the bike, which I’m so stoked about. My date to begin running again is February 9th. I’m counting down the days. But really my little foot problem pales in comparison to recent events in Haiti. Living in the age of 24 hour news I doubt there isn’t anyone who hasn’t heard or seen the devastation that took place in Haiti. Port Au Prince is, for lack of a better way to put it, gone. Geologists say the amount of energy that was released during the quake and after shocks equated to the force of several nuclear bombs. Survivors say that it was like the end of the world, and that the earth literally split open and swallowed buildings whole. The death toll is expected to climb into the hundreds of thousands. In a country that was already dealing with high levels poverty, and a very weak infrastructure, this disaster has left Port Au Prince incapacitated. They simply don’t have the means to deal with this kind of natural disaster. My words do little to describe the situation. It’s incompressible for me to imagine what it is like over there.

Though I gripe as much as the next person about the many problems that our own country deals with, we should all be thankful that we live in a place where we do have the means and resources to better handle disasters such as these. The people of Haiti literally have nothing. I’ve watched video of people sifting through rubble with their bare hands. There is no equipment, there is no heavy machinery. Aid is trying to be rushed to the country but there is no air traffic support, roads are inaccessible. I also read that at the time the quake hit, there were some 45,000 Americans present.

An actor on the NBC show “Heroes” (praise to the writers for getting it right this season) was a Haitian native and much of his family still resided there. He, like I’m sure many others, are now waiting for word on their loved ones or even taking to searching for them on their own.

I’m glad to see organizations are coming out of the wood works and stepping up to the plate. LIVESTRONG even donated a hefty some of $250,000! Click here to see Lance’s Statement. Cyclists are awesome. I made a donation as well to the Clinton foundation Haiti Relief Effort. The Clinton foundation (William J Clinton of course) is a reputable organization so if you would like to contribute in your own small way I would recommend this foundation. Click here to the Clinton Foundation Website.

You can also simply text “Haiti” to 20222 and $10 will be donated to the foundation.

I would encourage everyone to offer whatever support you can, in whatever form you can. I know the economy is awful right now, and money is tight, but if you’re online reading this, chances are you have much more than the people over in Haiti do. Please keep the people of Haiti and everyone affected by this disaster in your thoughts or prayers, however you choose to do it.


~ by glennikin on January 14, 2010.

2 Responses to “The day the earth did not stand still”

  1. I thank you for your words and your phone call the other night to discuss this concern. I did check out the Clinton Foundation and you are 100% correct. Good Charity! It got the highest rating on the charity rating site and uses less than 2.5% of the funds donated on administrative cost compared to the 10% or so of the Red Cross and about 15% for Habitat For Humanity. I too made a donation. Dad and I decided that we can skip the rest of the season for H.S. Basketball and give more than we were planning. Thanks for encouraging us to give.

  2. mom wants to go on a missionary trip there this summer. im going to go too. come with?

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