Captain’s log stardate Day 13, no running. I’m losing my mind. I’m now out of the cast and into a robocop boot. It’s definitely better than crutches and crawling, which I started to resort to at one point, but nonetheless, I’m going nuts. I was still at the 100k in Chattanooga supporting my friend Sarah, and the dozens of other crazies who came out in the wee hours of the morning in the freezing cold. The conditions were pretty awful. It rained relentlessly the day prior so the trail was a complete mess. Actually they were forced to change the course entirely at the last-minute b/c all of the rain had made the course impassible. The 100k also had to be reduced to 50 miles due to the condition of the course they were able to secure, deteriorating weather conditions. When Sarah and I arrived early in the morning, everyone was decked out in winter tech, and huddled around a small fire. The 50 mile runners were up first. Watching everyone dash off and being left behind was more painful than the surgery itself. Sarah ran the 10k, which unfortunately started an hour later, so we had some chilly downtime.

As runners crossed the finish line, everyone was soaked and covered in mud. The course was brutal. Sarah told me that at times they were knee-deep in mud and water. Awesome. 1st place crossed the line in 37 minutes and some change. That’s a pretty impressive time given the conditions and the course. The 50 milers would not see the end until near dusk or beyond.

I’m in Ohio for the next couple of weeks catching up with friends and family. Thankfully I’m in a robocop boot now, so I’m at least somewhat mobile. I have my next doctor’s appointment on January 7th. I imagine at that point I will be taken out of the boot and be put back into my sneakers. I don’t think I’ll be actively running until close to the end of the month. It feels like an eternity. I’m really losing my mind. At least I’ve brought two runners into the fold. My friends Kathy and Anne are both on their way to becoming addicts of the best sort. I’m working on a third. Anne has been looking up short races for us to run in the coming months. I’ve decided that when I’m able to run again, I’m going to approach it like I’ve never run before, starting back at mile 1. I want to build up the strength in my foot slowly and progressively. At least I’ll have a running buddy and we’ll be at the same level.

In other news, check this out.

Appropriate that dark side was representing on Wall Street.


~ by glennikin on December 23, 2009.

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