Left footed

I’m already grateful for the things that I am able to do in life and now I have an even deeper appreciation.

The procedure on Wednesday took about two hours. Yes, I did go for a “last run” the night prior. I had a long talk with my shoes and I think we got it straight. The whole operation felt like it was over in an instant. The last thing I remember was this adorable anesthesiologist telling me that I was going to feel pretty sleepy in about ten seconds. I remember counting to 8 and then waking up in the recovery room.

I was still pretty groggy when the doctor came in but he said something about their being some damage to the tendon. I didn’t really comprehend it though. After a few more minutes they wheeled me outside to where my friend Anne was waiting to shuttle me home. At first I felt fine, I couldn’t really feel my foot at all, but as feeling returned to my foot the pain was pretty bad. I had some pain killers but they didn’t really do much other than make me drowsy and queezy. Fortunately Anne stayed with me for most of the day, waiting on me hand and foot. My friend Britany was kind enough to drive all the way down from Columbia SC, to relieve Anne. It’s Saturday now, and Britany just headed back home. I was really grateful to have had her around these past few days. Even the simplest of tasks have been made immensely difficult. I can’t put any pressure on my right foot and whenever I’m sitting it has to be elevated. So, just even trying to make a meal is kind of daunting. The pain has definitely been more severe than I anticipated, and this is probably due to the aforementioned tendon damage. I have spoken to my doctor since the operation and he said that he expects me to run a million miles, but that recovery will be a little slower and longer.

So I’ve pretty much been camped out on the couch since Wednesday. It’s been nothing but books, movies, and video games. Actually Britany and I did go see “Brothers” last night. I couldn’t take being inside anymore. “Brothers” was alright. Great performances, it just didn’t have much of a story arc, and there wasn’t a whole lot of character development.

Today I’m going to attempt to shower. I can’t get the cast wet, so this should be interesting. I have a follow-up appointment on Tuesday, and I’m really hoping that they put me in a walking boot.

~ by glennikin on December 12, 2009.

2 Responses to “Left footed”

  1. So sorry this has been more debilitating than expected. So wish you would have permitted me to come help for a week or so. I will see if the airport will let me meet you at the plan exit versus baggage pick-up on Sunday. Then I can use a wheelchair to push you to through the airport and parking deck. If needed, you can use Dad’s scooter or push chair while home for 10 days. Think of all the weight you will gain during this down time. It will give you incentive to run again, not that you need incentive. I am looking for to having you home and to all the large meals I get to cook again. Keep us posted on the report from the doctor Tuesday. Love Mom

  2. Yes i dismissed the 100k with some haste last time. But I was addressing it relative to your health, which is precious and in some cases unretrievable, if lost. Not to mention incomparable to any given race. Thank God for Anne, and, as Bart Simpson suggested, give yourself a wedgie.

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