Warriors Against Complacency

I’ve got a new project in the works. (When Don’t I?) The project is called Warriors Against Complacency. The basic idea behind it is to get people up and moving and motivated to do more and achieve more than they perhaps thought they could. I got the inspiration for WAC a couple of months ago from this young girl, whose name I now forget, as this festival I was working at in Myrtle Beach for the South Carolina Credit Union League. She had organized and led her own group where she was working with children and young teens who come from difficult backgrounds and home life situations. Her aim and goal was to show them that although they had faced adversity and difficulty that many of us have never even known, they still had tremendous potential to do great things with their lives.

That got me thinking. I think we all have the same amount of potential. I truly believe that. Some of us more inclined at certain things than others, for example Lance Armstrong is particularly good at riding a bike, and Danny Elfman is particularly good with music, and so on. Some people are just naturally gifted in certain areas, but that doesn’t mean that we each aren’t capable of achieving similar levels even if we don’t have that natural inclination. My point is that we can do whatever we can, be whatever we want, if only we apply our selves, and are passionate and committed. I can only imagine what this world would be like if ever a small percentage of the population went about their lives in this manner. So much could be done.

The whole concept behind this group is that members will have a goal that they set for themselves. That goal can be most anything. The key thing is that it must be something that they are not sure of or even think they are capable of achieving. The way I see it once that goal is reached, it will just open up all sorts of doors. Achieving something you once thought impossible or unattainable will have such a tremendous positive impact on your life. And I say, the harder and more improbable the goal, the better. Even if it takes you several attempts and even if once you reach your goal it’s completely different from the one you had originally set, your life will be immensely improved. Afterall it is about the journey, not the destination anyhow. The lives of those around you will also be positively impacted. The hope is that people outside of this group will see what is being done, and what is possible and catch the bug. I’m hoping for this to be a viral positive force.

The site is completely free to members. It is still in it’s infancy and there some kinks to work out. Those will get resolved as things move along, more members join, and more content is added. Please take some time to check out the site and give me any feed back you’d like. I hope that you find it interesting and something that you want to be a part of. In my mind this should really appeal to everyone. There really are no drawbacks or negative side effects. Please pass the word along to whomever. It’s open to any and all.

The web address is


WAC_logo-clearBG copy


Thanks so much for reading, and thank you for all the reads and comments on the last post.


~ by glennikin on November 15, 2009.

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