Trial by rain

blumoly and I just returned from our first ride together. It was lovely and by all accounts I should be dead, twice over. I started out by just doing a few laps around my block to get adjusted. I started off from my front yard. I clipped into the right pedal and then started to clip into my left and promptly fell over. I knew I was bound to fall at some point and I was happy to have fallen on a glorious green cushion. I actually fell once while I was on East Bay street as well. I was sitting at a red light and a driver next to me was asking for directions and I leaned over to try to hear him and forgot that I was still clipped into the side that I was leaning and fell right over. Very graceful. Anyhow, I rode to the AW stages and showed her off to a few people. My girl is quite the looker.

As I continued to tour the downtown area it started to rain. Being somewhat of a novice to real road biking, I decided to head back home. I hit the Ashley River draw bridge right at rush hour and the rain was getting heavier. As I went over the metal part of the bridge, “POP” my back tire goes. I don’t know how I managed to stay up right and in control. I was swerving pretty dramatically. The whole time I was thinking, “ok…I’ve got a flat, it’s rush hour, and there are lines of cars behind me going 45 mph, if I go down I’m dead. A helmet won’t help me against a 1-2 ton vehicle, I’m dead.” Somehow I made it across the bridge and to the sidewalk. At this point it’s pouring rain. I took a minute and think “ok well I very nearly died, but I’m alive, and I have to get home still”. Fortunately I ride with a spear tube and CO2 cartridge. I flipped my bike upside down and began to work on taking the back wheel off. Of course it’s the back wheel! As I was unscrewing the quick release a small Asian man rode up beside me. He didn’t speak a lick of English. He was able to size up the situation.

Through bad english and hilarious pantomime we were able to bridge the language barrier. Pretty much the only thing he said to me the whole time was “Lance Armstrong #1, USA Lance #1”. Awesome.

He was a really great guy to stop and help me in the pouring rain. Anyhow we got the back wheel off, and he actually rode with a pump, but his nozzle didn’t fit my presta valves. Unfortunate, but I had my own air. He kept trying to fill up the bad tube. I don’t think he understood that the tube was no good. He did however understand how to fix a flat and take a tire off. Halfway through our efforts another guy came riding up. I think his name was Aaron. He turned out to be an endurance mountain biker, who just completed a 13 hour endurance ride a few days ago. Awesome. So there we are, the three of us in the pouring rain, fixing a flat. We managed to get the tire off, switched out the tube, got the tire set back on the wheel, hooked up my CO2 cartridge and presto, operation complete. Situation resolved. Brilliant.

It turned out that we were all heading towards West Ashely so we decided to make the “Trek” together. (that was bad and I’m aware of that) I took the lead. As we came around bend a car pulled in front of me, and slammed on it’s brakes. I had plenty of room and was able to stop with plenty of time, however the polite Asian Man behind me did not. The same man who was trying to help me slammed into the back of me (helmtless) and went down, taking me with him. My bike slid halfway into a storm drain, with me still clipped in. Another cyclist came upon the scene and attempted to help me get out of the mess. He didn’t understand that I was still clipped in into my pedals and unable to clip out due to being pinned in by the drain and the Asian Man’s bike. A concerned motorist stopped beside the scene, and asked if I was alright, as I laid bleeding on the ground, I looked up at him and asked if he could see how my bike looked. The endurance mountain biker laughed at that, and got my foot un-clipped and my bike back up on the side walk.

I should mention at this point I had already, confirmed that Asian Man as banged up, but alright. I’m not that crazy about my bike. Thought I was more concerned about my bike then my self.

Amazingly blumoly was alright. I was also ok! Banged up my left knee, wrist, and elbow, but other than that, I’m dandy. The Asian man took more serious damage to all of those areas. After composing our selves, we finished our ride. I let him lead. We exchanged contact info.


Sorry “V” I know I switched tenses mulitple times, and that my sentence structure and grammar was absolute crap.

~ by glennikin on August 14, 2009.

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