Jimmy….where the @!$% do you go?

Army Wives is officially wrapped! It’s a strange feeling. Today I actually had to cook for myself. Strange. We had our last day of shooting this past Wednesday.

Waiting for the magic word.

Waiting for the magic word.

like watching the ball drop

like watching the ball drop

our crack camera department

our crack camera department (minus Jackson and Derek)

Your Army Wvies Propstitutes

Your Army Wvies Propstitutes

We were actually shooting this really rad episode, which I don’t think I can actually talk about just yet, for fear of men in dark suits, or perhaps camo, knocking on my door. It should be pretty cool though. I think it airs sometime in mid September. Anyhow the last day was actually a wee bit emotional. The DP, Mr. Lloyd Ahern, who has been with the show from the start, is taking his curtain call. Though he has said that at the conclusion of every season thus far, I think this time he means it. He’s going to be greatly missed and it’s going to be very weird not having him around. Lloyd is like this grumpy old man who on the exterior comes across as very gruff, but he’s a giant teddy bear. In a way he’s like a stern yet loving father to the whole crew.

He’s one of those guys that just has a million and a half stories and sayings. In fact he had enough quotes to warrant having a shirt made.*MY SHIRT IS ON THE WAY IMAGE FORTHCOMING*

They left out one of his most famous lines that he always laid on me. “You should have twice as many as you think you need and then double that”. That was usually in reference to the number of trees I had outside the windows of our sets, (if you haven’t noticed all of the Army Wives live in the forest) but that was his attitude toward everything. Always be absurdly over prepared. Another one of my personal favorites is “Bobby can turn chicken shit into chicken salad” That one is in reference to our B camera operator, and his ability to always find something pretty to shoot.

Lloyd is just this force of nature on set. It’s really his set, and his show. He’s the guy that’s driving us ever forward. Whatever he wants, he gets and whatever he says goes. He’s also probably the reason why we generally have 12 hour shooting days, instead of 14 or 15. He has this uncanny ability to work through any problem and to find the fastest way to do it. He’s a blast to be around on set, and his energy and zest for life is infectious. I’ve never seen the man get tired. I think he might be a robot and he just plugs into a wall outlet at night. He’s slammed with so much everyday, and somehow he has a way of weeding his way through the bull shit, and he gets the job done, and has a great time doing it.

After wrap was called on the last day, there was literally a line to say goodbye to Lloyd.

Lloyd line

The Lloyd line

It was kind of like waiting to see Santa at the mall. Now, don’t get me wrong, the man could drive you absolutely nuts, but at the same time everyone had great respect for him and did not want to let him down. I for one will miss him.

The whole Army Wives experience has been a great one. I’ve never seen a crew get along so well, and have such a great positive energy. The dynamics amongst all the different departments is just amazing. It’s so rare. I’m happy that season 4 is happening, and it appears as though I will be back for another go. Though, there are never any certainties in this business. I’m sure Lloyd has a great quote for that too.

I spent Thursday and Friday wrapping out and tending to my forest.

The Sherwood forest

The Sherwood forest

Our trees saw a lot of battle damage throughout the year and were in serious need of repair. Fortunately I had Julia from wardrobe come to my aid on Friday to help me finish at our other sound stage. Thank the Deity of your choice for Julia. I would have been there all night if she hadn’t come to my rescue. I took her our for sushi later.

Today I had my first real training run. In the interest of complete transparency and accountability I set up a separate page where I am keeping track of mileage. Look towards the right under pages and click the “miles to go before I sleep” link.

Oh and yesterday I went for a hair cut at Causeys Barber shop in Mt. P. Awesome little place.


Very old timey, cool people. This dude came in with this awful homemade haircut, I think his name was George, and he was totally putting out the “too cool for school vibe”. After all, he did wear his aviator shades the whole time. He was just one these dudes who you could not please and Michael, the barber, was doing his best but the guy was just being so ridiculously particular about his really awful cut, when Michael was trying his best to fix it. Finally Mike had enough and just told the dude to get out. Apparently this guy had pulled this stunt before. It actually kind of broke out into a small yelling match towards the end so I was little hesitant when he called me over to the chair. First thing he said when I sat down was that he needed a drink. I offered to buy him a beer if he didn’t slice my jugular. Needless to say, when he showed me the mirror I was very happy with the finished result. Actually it wasn’t exactly what I was hoping for, but I was just happy to get out of their with my life. (only kidding if you’re reading this Mike) Though, lol, I kind of have this 14 year old boy thing going right now. But whatever, I’ll rock it, and I’ll totally save money when I eat at Denny’s.

So George, if you’re out there, never be a jerk when a man is holding a sharp object less than 6 inches from you neck.



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