Decisons, decisions…

First, thank you for all of the comments, e-mails, and advice. I really do listen and take everything in. It’s actually quite rare that I make any kind of decision without consultation with at least a few people, so I greatly value every word of wisdom anyone gives me.

Secondly, thank you to the Apple for building one hell of a solid computer! My Imac crashed to the ground today. It fell from a dizzying height of 3.5 ft! It was horrible. The glass on the screen shattered but miraculously the LCD display was intact, along with the hardrive and other hardware! It booted right back up. Cosmetically, it needs a little TLC, but it’s still ticking. Amazing. Scariest moment of my life. My life is really tethered to this computer. It has everything on it. Needless to say I got it to the mac hospital ASAP. The geniuses at the Apple Store downtown told me that my best option would be to just replace the glass and casing, and to back everything up immediately, in case the hardrive does decide to give out. The price quote wasn’t too bad, and honestly I’m just thankful that I’m blogging right now. I was actually so flustered by the whole event that after leaving the Apple store I proceeded to meander downtown Charleston for 20 minutes because I had completely blanked on where I parked. The best analogy I can give is that it was like watching your child fall off a pier into the ocean…..only much much worse.

It’s been a busy and emotionally turbulent week. Admittedly I am still sorting my self out in regards to the “relationship status change” as well as many other things that are factoring into my life right now.

My grandmother was recently admitted to the hospital. Actually it happened on the very same day of the split between Kathryne and I. Beware of the 3’s!!!!! Fortunately nothing else has happened. She was having some heart problems. She’s doing well now, but I believe she will be going to the Cleveland Clinic for a possible operation. She did have open heart surgery some 14 years ago, and she is now 80 years old. All that said, she’s doing quite well. I hear she’s actually doing better than most women of her age would be doing after that kind of major operation. My grandma’s a fighter, just like my mac!

Army Wives is quickly coming to an end. We will wrap production on August 5th, at which point I will have several paths in front of me. Here is one scenario.

I’m hoping to get back on the Credit Union gig that I was on prior to starting work on Army Wives this past February. Check out the website to see what it’s all about.

I spear headed this project, along with Todd Lewis (the head of marketing) late last fall, and into the winter months. It was a great gig. I got to travel the state with some of my good friends, have nearly total creative freedom, and decent pay. However it seems that there has been some reshuffling going on, and it seems that Todd is no longer with the Credit Union league. I’m not sure what this will mean for the project, but I’m hoping to find out soon. It really would be perfect timing if this gig does come through, plus I really did enjoy it.

There is also talk of a Catherine Bell movie coming to town in Late October or early November. Still rumor and conjecture at this point, but it would be nice to hop on that. PS. if anyone has any info on that one, by all means please let me know. Gonna try to get the scoop.

Army Wives Season 4 should start back at the beginning of January, and I’m hoping to come back. So if those two things line up, it would be kind of ideal.

In a completely different direction, I also have an option to get back over to Japan. I taught English in Japan a couple of years ago for a few months, and it was probably the best experience of my life. I loved the country, the culture, the food, all of it. It’s very much synced up to my personality. I love that I didn’t have to have a car to get somewhere. I could easily hop on a train, ride a bike, or yes even walk, to where I wanted to go. I’ve really been itching to get back. One of my friends, Jesse Koester, who came with me to teach years ago, (and never left lol) gave me a call a few days ago and more or less guaranteed me a job teaching English if I wanted it. He has also started up his own media production company that is really starting to have a lot of success, so I might even be able to get some work out of that too eventually. Tempting. I just don’t know if now is the best time for me to leave the country. I’m just getting on the film and tv and train, I finally have health insurance, and the list goes on. I basically have a lot of “sensible” reasons that tell me I should stay put but…….IT’S JAPAN!!!! I really miss my students too, and it would be great to see them as well.

me and my class

me and my class

Carrying a Mikoshi. Jesse is 2nd from the left, with the goofball look on his face.

Carrying a Mikoshi during a local festival. Jesse is 2nd from the left, with the goofball look on his face.

I don’t think I’ll be leaving this one up to a vote. In any case big changes on the horizon. Might even be something looming that’s bigger than anything I’ve mentioned yet. More on this in a later post, possiblyly.

So yeah, right now I kinda feel like this.

tatooine_sunsetDecide you must….

~ by glennikin on July 23, 2009.

4 Responses to “Decisons, decisions…”

  1. Good luck with the decisions. Those are definitely toughies. I’ll keep my eyes and ears open for that Catherine Bell movie. I’ve seen quite a few features going to Georgia, Louisiana and even one to Tennessee, but nothing to either of the Carolinas.

    Let me know if you’re still hoping to take a small vacation out west and I’ll make sure I’m still unemployed so we can go geek out in the Star Wars section of DisneyLand.

  2. Ok, first, sorry about your grandma, best wishes. Second, sorry about your mac, best wishes. And third but most importantly…if you go to JAPAN…TAKE ME WITH YOU!!! I already have my passport and bag packed, I don’t eat much and take up very little room…seriously. No, Im not kidding…

  3. Nihon ni kaeritai yo!

    Go back to Japan!!!!!

    bring me some takoyaki.

  4. Totally trust you to make the right decision for yourself. As for our conversation last night and your desire to get a new bike, are you aware that the government is giving $4,500.00 to any person who purchases a new car before Oct. 1st. Called cash for clunkers and your truck is a definitely a clunker. You could get a new Kia for under $8,000.00. Needless to say you would not need a car in Japan if that is the decision you choose for now. Just thought you should know about the program because you need a new vehicle. Oh, you seemed equally, incredibly happy in both Japan and during the time you worked for the Credit Union. Keep us posted!

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