A Certain Point of View

I just wanted to post this comment a friend left me.

Thank you for writing this!!  I’m really sick of all the shit-talking that’s going about MJ.  Yeah, he was a little nuts, but who wouldn’t be after living the life that he lived?  To illustrate this point:

A few years ago, he said his dream in life was to go to a grocery store and shop for food.  His friend, who owned a grocery store, shut the store down for a few hours and had Michael’s friends disguise themselves as shoppers in the store so Michael could pretend he was grocery shopping without being mobbed by a crowd.  He said it was one of the most fun things he ever did, comparing it to Disneyland.  This is incredibly sad to me.  How horrible to be this cut off from society.

He seemed like a very sweet, gentle and caring person.  A little naive to think it was perfectly normal to sleep with other people’s kids in your bed, but he saw the world through very different eyes than most people.  And I don’t think he ever molested any kids, but that’s just my opinion.  I think people took advantage of his openness, generosity and naivety.

I wasn’t the biggest fan of his music either, but no one can deny his talent and originality.  His music was just plain FUN.  I hope people remember him for that, and not for his plastic surgeries and child molestation charges.  Only time will tell.

Very well said. No one understood the life he lead. Not that anyone could possibly hope to understand. And, to really understand a situation or person, you must do your best to put your self in their shoes or see things from the other point of view. This is a common flaw that we are all guilty of. We claim to understand a situation or a person enough to the point where he can make conclusions or accusations. But we often fail to look at things from any point of view other than our own. I just think we should just bare that in mind.

Thank you for the comment Mary.

Live long and prosper

~ by glennikin on July 9, 2009.

4 Responses to “A Certain Point of View”

  1. Couldn’t agree more. There was a similar thing said on one of my favorite webcomics…


    And the supporting statement…


  2. you are a loser
    why have i wasted my time reading this
    whoever sent this link is a loser
    how about your instead of wasting your time writing such frivalous crap you utilize your “talents” and write a poem or something creative

    now i am a loser for wasting my time responding to this shit

  3. kudos… rock on, MJ…

  4. I concur, although it was definitely harder to admit to such a level of understanding while he was still alive. It’s been sad to watch all those who seem to delight in taking potshots at the deceased.

    I still have my Thriller jacket…

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