To Serve….. And Protect?

So I was biking home from work today and I was taking 526 back to my house in West Ashley, when a police cruiser pulled me over. I know biking on any highway is illegal, but I wasn’t riding it to be a negligent prick. I chose that way, as I have many times before, because it’s the safest way. Along the the highway is a wide pull off lane that serves as a great bike lane. Despite it being a major highway, it’s actually alot safer than going down Sam Rittenberg because if I take that way, I have to go over a bridge which has absolutely no lane at all. I’m basically riding with 55 mph traffic in the same lane. I tried my best to explain this, but Mr. Jr G badge was having none of it. He said I was breaking the law and if i didn’t stop arguing that he would fine me $240. Again I tried my best to explain that I wasn’t trying to argue. I was just trying to get home along the safest route possible. The officer then asked, “Why don’t you just drive?” Clearly not much of a cyclist. The answer I gave was that it was better for my health, the environment, and my wallet. I thoguht those were all pretty solid reasons,  he just stared at me blankly and told me to turn around. Oh sure brilliant, I’ll just ride against oncoming highway traffic. That’s a great idea. I gave a big sigh and gave up at that point. Fortunately Dan Jones (2nd AC extraordinaire) came to my rescue. He was entering the on ramp just as I was coming off and we threw my bike in the back of his truck. Ironically we passed the cop a couple of miles down. I smiled and waved……with all five fingers.

Anyhow the Tour De France is going on right now. It will consume my life for the next three weeks. I’m pulling for Lance to chock up one more. Tonight’s stage was very exciting. The last 20km was insane, with team Columbia breaking away and Lance and another member of team Astana getting onto the wheels of the break away group. He gained himself 40 seconds and moved up to third in the overall classification. Mark Cavendish, the seemingly unstoppable sprinter from Britain, took another stage with a rocket finish, crossing the line at somewhere between 40-45 mph….on a bike! Awesome.

Vive Le Tour!


~ by glennikin on July 7, 2009.

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