Brace yourself

So there’s this guy who goes by the name of Warren Brace. He’s the Assistant Productionf Office Coordinator on Army Wives.


Just you’re average emoesuqe looking white boy right? Wrong!! This guy is naturally good at everything. It’s like he has perpetual beginners luck in everything he does. We played a softball game towards the beginning of the season…..MVP. We went paint balling…….only one to walk away without a mark on him. He’s even good at Bocce Ball for the love of god.


We went to Frankie’s Fun Park last night after wrap (where dreams go to die) and he killed me at the following, Ski-Ball, Basketball, Mini Golf, and Go Carts.

lining up another perfect shot

lining up another perfect shot

The only thing I bested him at was Mario Kart. Hang on, don’t get your winner panties in a bunch Warren. To be fair, his item button was busted and his efforts to launch a turtle shell at me failed. He probably would have owned me in that as well. I’m thinking of taking him for a romantic weekend getaway to Vegas.

Oh and this was the last whole at the course.

Its a rocket ship!

Its a rocket ship!

Draw your own conclusions.


~ by glennikin on July 3, 2009.

2 Responses to “Brace yourself”

  1. Ahem…I got no photo credit? Kthxbye.

  2. hilarious… you’re an interesting guy, glenn.. and a heck of a writer… i’m impressed…

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