Red Alert

I was at Wal-mart yesterday, (yes I know Walmart, I hate it, but everywhere else was closed, yes I could have waited, oh quit judging me) and I was at the register in a line that was moving slower than “than moles’ asses in January” (It will make my day if someone gets that quote without googleing it) and then over the speaker I hear “code sunshine, code sunshine” LOL! What in the world? Code sunshine really? I later found out from a Walmart employee that code sunshine was the secret code for “everyone get your asses to a register because we’re getting slammed”. A lady behind me in line thought that it might have meant “missing child” LoL!!! Missing child? Code sunshine?? What kind of sick morbid mind…….


~ by glennikin on June 18, 2009.

One Response to “Red Alert”

  1. Remember the time we went to Wal-mart in search of a gift? You made me close my eyes and spun me around and I had to tell you the first letter I saw when I opened my eyes…’O’
    We bought orange juice, the movie ‘O’, and a few other things…maybe oreos?
    Ohhhh fun times-selling our souls at Wal-mart!

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