So much to blog about so little time

Alright, I’ll give god props on the whole blue skies, oxygen, vast oceans, etc… and for getting it all done in seven days, but he fracked up when he decided to only have 24 hours in a day. Clearly not enough. Will the science community please get on top of developing a pill that will take the place of sleep. I could get much more done. Sleep has taken a back seat as it is, in recent days. Oi.

So I have moved yet again.

Packed everything in under 3 hours. A Personal best.

Packed everything in under 3 hours. A Personal best.

I haven’t moved this much since I was a kid. When I was young my family kind of bounced around a lot and I hated moving. Mommy and Daddy came up with this clever idea of creating a fictitious “moving fairy” that would leave me presents every time we moved. I’m wise to that act now though, and I’m left hating moving. The move happened right in the middle of the week too, which was the worst time ever. Due to my crazy schedule, Andrew (The French housemate) and I had to move everything in the dead of night, and then unpack bit by bit throughout the week. It was a gigantic pain in the ass. Fortunately Andrew has a really cool uncle who had a huge flatbed trailer. We managed to load nearly everything in one trip. Packing masters!!


I have no idea what our neighbors must think. Just these two random dudes and one girl who keep the oddest hours and moved everything in at night. I mean I felt like we were looting the place, and then I have blue hair and take showers outside.IMG_0747

The new house is really nice though. It’s an extra 3 miles to work, but it’s in a better location, and the house is just all around nicer. Plus no jerk landlord to deal with, as my roomies own the place.

Casulties of the move:

1 Running Sock

1 Pair of Running Shorts

3 Movie Posters

1 Battlestar Galactica DVD

1 electric shaver charger

That same week was also the week of the 2nd Annual Army Wives Golf Tournament!

golfcartIt was a fun reminder of why I don’t play golf. Seriously by the 18th hole you feel like you’re going to die. It was me and my buddy Paul with our Transpo Coordinator Lee and his wife. They’re both avid golfers, where as Paul and I were just aiming to make contact with the ball. I did horribly, though I did manage to hit this house.


My one and only good shot of the day

My one and only good shot of the day

IMG_0645Paul and I actually went to a driving range the day prior in hopes of improving our game. Not so much. Actually we had a rad start. I think after the first three holes we were 2 under, but from there on we just fell apart. I felt bad for Lee, he kept having to make up for our awful shots. I think we placed somewhere in the middle out of all the teams. The top three teams got awesome prizes, and last place also got an awesome prize. I love how the best and worst got rewarded, but if you kind of did average you got squat. Nice. Good times anyhow. Reminds me of this.

Pretty much sums up the game of golf for me

For the last couple weeks the Spolletto festival has been going down here in Charleston. Basically a massive two week long arts festival. Lots of music, theatre, crafts, and the like. I was so busy I really didn’t have to check anything out… for the One Man Star Wars Show!!!

Pretty sure that's supposed to be an X-Wing

Pretty sure that's supposed to be an X-Wing

It was completely awesome. This guy has me beat in the nerd department, hands down. He uses no props, and does all the voices, and sound effects himself, while miming all the action. I really don’t know how to explain it. You know, it’s kind of like having a 1o year old kid trying to explain the entire original trilogy as fast as he can in under 60 minutes. Apparently he’s coming back next year with One Man Lord of the Rings. If you ever have the opportunity to catch this guy, do it.

So I’m still vastly out of shape. I’ve been working on getting back into it, but it hasn’t been easy. I still don’t feel a %100, and haven’t ever since I got sick in early May. I was able to hit the gym tonight though, due to an early wrap. Who knew it was member appreciation day?!?! Awesome. They had a ton of free food, and were giving free massages and chiropractic exams, so I feel kinda awesome right now.

This past weekend was my friend Missy’s wedding reception. Actually it was more like a big get together with friends, and loads of country. She got hitched a couple of months ago, and rather than having a formal reception, she opted for a Hoe Down Thrown Down.

Couldn't paint it better. Sorry Kat, but you couldn't.

Couldn't paint it better. Sorry Kat, but you couldn't.

Couldn’t have picked a purdier spot to have it either. It was right on the marshes with a quarter mile dock. Awesome. I would like to make note of the fact that the only water present, was out towards the ocean. I’m guessing things got pretty interesting after I left. Oh and at one point, the band was having some techincal diffculties with getting playback to work off their macbook. I saw what they were trying to do, and I knew I could get it to work, so I put on my nerd cape and dashed over and fixed the problem. It was awesome. It was kind of like the scene in the new Star Trek where Chekov is sitting on the bridge and realizes that he can lock on to Kirk and Sulu as they are falling to the surface of Vulcan, and takes off running down the corridors screaming, “I can do zat! I can lock on! Move, move move!”. Yeah just like that.

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