Lather Rinse Repeat

So not exactly as I planned.


I started by getting a hair cut, hoping that it would make the bleaching and toning process easier. Thank you to the fine people at Causey’s, if you’re reading this, for my excellent hair cut.


It really took the better part of my Saturday, but after 4 four bleach processes, 3 toner applications, 2 Shimmer lights washes and 5 episodes of Battle Star Galactica, I finally got it fairly close to white.  I won’t lie, by the end, my head was stinging. Now I remember why I don’t do this anymore. It hurts like hell, and it takes forever.

Anyhow the time came to add in the blue dye. In an attempt to keep the white I used a highlighting cap.

Photo 13


Trouble was, at this point my hair was so light that even the slightest amount of dye went a long way. Some of the dye seeped into the cap, effectively dying my whole head, with some darker more intense spots throughout. At that point I just decided to go all the way.

So there you have it. Sorry that I couldn’t save the white.The color fades pretty quickly though. I think I kind of actually dug the white, more than the blue, but eh. Honestly I was really hoping green was going to prevail, but alas, that’s democracy in action.

~ by glennikin on May 25, 2009.

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