Fear and Consumption

Where this is fear there is opportunity. As the masses work themselves into a frenzy over the swine flu “pandemic”, fueled by fear propaganda from the 24hour media outlets and news organizations across the globe, my clever and intuitive house mate is capitalizing on it.

Exhibit A:

swine_maskStylish face masks! Now you can panic, but still look good!

Batman of course is not worried

Batman of course is not worried

She runs her own clothing line, I believe right out of the room above my head. Pretty awesome.

Oh and now, after a week and a half of heightening fear, this is the headline right now on CNN.com

You lied.  I exaggerated.

You lied. I exaggerated.

Respect to whoever gets that quote.

Does any of this sound familiar? Leave it to the media to blow something out of proportion…..and leave it to us to buy into it.

Has everyone watched the new Transformers trailer?

Epic! My roommate got on me yesterday about my over use of the word “epic” but you know what, I tried to bring back “bangerang” but no one wanted to get on that bandwagon.

Star Trek is 3 days away. 30 people going so far to the Thursday IMAX screening! EPIC!


~ by glennikin on May 5, 2009.

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