And you thought double dipping was bad…

wash_handsSo apparently not everyone on the AW crew is the most sanitary. The story that I got was that someone, identity still unknown at this time at least to me, took a massive #2 yesterday and forwent washing their hands and then preceded directly to the chip bowl at crafty. Nice. This person has been given the nickname “Poop Chip”. Poop chip if you’re reading this,please  scrub a dub dub! Super gross. Jamie the gaffer, AKA Red Jesus, took it upon himself to raise hand-washing awareness by placing colorful signs and displays all around crafty today. When the secret identity of Poop Chip is revealed the fecal police will be all over him.

Hey I saw this a few weeks ago and have been meaning to post it.

That sounds reasonable

That sounds reasonable

Sure thing Woody. This movie better be awesome.

Ohhhhhhh! Speaking of movies I bought 19 tickets to see Star Trek in IMAX next week!. Got a big group going and it’s going to be awesome. Beam me up I’m completely stoked for this movie.


I’m on the fence about this weekend. Walke Moore, one of the Transpo guys, is having this all day affair at his place in Walterboro SC. Just a bunch of AW people hanging out, playing frisbee, bocce ball, music, and the like. It’s like 48 miles away and I’ve got half a notion to bike it. If I did, I think I would want to crash there for the night. Don’t know. My bike isn’t exactly in the best condition. It’s in desperate need of a tune up, wash, etc… Plus I’ve never really ridden over 50 miles, but that’s mostly why I want to do it. Not sure how I’ll do, or if I even can. I don’t have spare tubes, or bike tools, so if I get a flat or something I’m screwed, so maybe not the most sensible rational thing to do, but eh.

Alright. Wash your hands frequently, don’t get pig flu.


~ by glennikin on May 1, 2009.

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