Fail Whale!

So I guess they can stop bullets but not glass. Epic fail whale tonight. I was riding home after wrap, and I was about a mile and a half out from my house and pop goes my rear tire. It was loud enough that I heard it with all the traffic going by, and all the air escaped in about 6 seconds. It was crazy. Luckily my cycling/running buddy came to the rescue and got me and my bike home safely. He was even sweet enough to bring me pop tarts. I haven’t checked what kind they are but I’m hoping for strawberry no frosting.

I’ve had my so called “puncture proof” Armadillo tires for only a few weeks and already another flat? This city is awful for flats, which is why I got them! On top of that I also got some Slime Tubes, and still that doesn’t prevent it? It’s kinda like wearing a condom and using birth control and still having a kid. Come on. So the only way to not get knocked up is to practice abstinence, so I guess the solution is to not ride my bike anymore.



You can see where the slime shot right out. I’m so skipping lunch tomorrow and going to the bike shop. Someone owes me a new tire, tube, apology, and flowers for my trouble.

Yeah…..I’ll bet.

~ by glennikin on April 29, 2009.

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