Feeling This

Blink 182 said it best. I’ll defintiely be feeling it in the morning too. Oh and before I even get into anything else, I saw this on Mark’s blog and everyone needs to see this and tell me what the hell show this is from.

What in the world? No idea but that’s fantastic.

So the run was awesome. It was the kind of run that I really enjoy. Going at my own pace, taking it slow, and enjoying it. I twittered and blogged along the way. Actually I had to stop with all that nonsense halfway through b/c my phone was dying. I thought it best, to save a little battery in case I was about to die going back and I could call someone, or at least change my facebook status to dead.

I ran about 26 miles. I kept forgetting to set my watch, so I don’t know the exact distance. I basically ran from my house to the ocean. Here’s the route I took.


Out and back. It was a really beautiful day for it. Hot, but there was a nice breeze keeping me cool. I mean not like I need wind to keep me cool…. da dum pshh! Oh yes, I do have the rim shot app on my phone and I’ve been using it constantly on anyone and everyone. I recommend you all get it.

So here’s some photos from the event.

The Starting Line

The Starting Line

Stopped off at the apple store for new headphones.

Stopped off at the Apple store for new headphones.

Oh yeah, quadruple fail whale! So as I was running down the road, and my head phones kept falling out. So I though ok well perfect, I’ll just stop off at the Apple store on my way and get a new pair. They did not carry a sporty version of the iphone headsets! Come on Apple. Fail whale #1.

Next I stopped off at “The Extra Mile” in search of a new visor or headband. I had forgotten how humid it is down here, and sweat was rolling down my head and into eyes, burning them out of their sockets. They did not have a visor that fit my overly large head. Fail whale #2. (I bought one that kind of fit anyhow because I was desperate.) So I continued on my way and at mile six I was feeling a gatorade. I had decided to forgo running with a pack or water bottle, and instead opted for just carrying a credit card and stopping for fuel along the way. So  I came upon a Harris Teeter, and thought oh brilliant, I’ll pop in get some electrolytes and be on my merry.


Nope. They did not have any cold gatorades in their coolers, and I needed an artic cold gatorade. Fail whale #3. So then I though ok well there’s a Texaco up the way, I’ll just stop their because any gas station has cold gatorade.



Enter fail whale #4. They were having diffculties with credit transactions, and could only accept cash. Oi. I knew the next gas station wasn’t going to be until I got over the bridge which was another 3-4 miles. Fortunately the clerk was really nice and hooked me up with a glass and some H20.

img_0483She has no idea I snapped that.

Chicks dig visors.

Chicks dig visors. And yes Pam, I'm wearing the watch you and Dough got me. Thanks a billion!

Refreshed. Carry on. I made my way over the Ravenel bridge. (Same bridge that the 10k was on)

Passing cars!

Passing cars!

There was some big hold up on the bridge and at one point I started passing a few cars. Kinda awesome.

That's the halfway point in the distance.....and that's my thumb

That's the halfway point in the distance.....and that's my thumb

Once I crossed the bridge I made a pit stop at Smoothie King.

The name doesn't lie.

The name doesn't lie.

Eventually I made it out to the ocean, and turned around to come back.

I can't drive 55. But I can run 37.

I can't drive 55. But I can run 37.

Yeah I was movin.

On the edge.

On the edge.

Coming back got pretty nasty, no lie. Towards the end there was a good bit of walking. True I did it, but I’m still way out of shape, and not at all ready to run a 50k and run it well. Got some work to do.

Well I don’t know about you but I think that’s enough for one post. Still a lot more to blog about, so expect more shortly. Tomorrow is Cirque de Soleil! Going with the AW crew. Going to be wicked. Rest assured, I’ll blog the hell out of that.

Good night and good luck.

Talking shit about a pretty sunset.

Talking shit about a pretty sunset.

~ by glennikin on April 26, 2009.

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