Circus of the Sun

Ok I have a confession to make, and that is that I’m still laughing over the Chorus “What’s my Age Again”. Brilliant.

Cirque was awesome. Nay, it was bangerang! I’ve seen Saltim Banco before, and it was every bit as awesome. A big group of the AW folks went. It was a blast. Oh, and Sebastian got yanked up on stage to Pantomime a wild west shoot out. Couldn’t have picked a better guy. He was great. Sebastian, you might think about quitting your day job and running off the with the circus. They had outlawed photography so sorry no photos. I had the notion to sneak one in, but thought better of it. Actually I think my friend Paul got a few, so if I can snag those, I’ll put them up.

Actually c-bass banco and I had just gone for a nice 6 mile run prior to the show.

Oh look a nickel!

Oh look a nickel!

Here’s our champ after his rousing performance.

Sebastian Banco

Sebastian Banco

That little kid knew he was staring at greatness.

The show was awesome. I mean the performers pretty much raise the middle finger high in the air to gravity and the general laws of physics. Incredible. I recommend it.

So after running yesterday I was craving some pizza……..So I got 2 ft of it!

My size portion.

My size portion.

That’s right, 24 inches of cheesy pepperoni, and mushroom goodness. There’s this pizza place downtown that serves up two sizes of pizza. Huge, and Huger. I opted for Huger. I actually got this baby the night prior, but you know pizza has a half life of 3 months. It would barely fit in my truck!

img_0474Kind of dark but you can see that it’s half on my seat and half on my floor. People were gawking at me as I walked down the street. I actually still have some left in the fridge. I’ll probably finish it off tonight. I just had 24 inches of subway so I’m letting that sort it’s self out. My metabolism has shot through the roof and left a big gaping hole.

Ok now for a quick game up catch up. A lot of comical stuff has happened over the past days. Not really sure how much I can divulge since some of it has to do with Army Wives, and I don’t want to go and spoil season 3 for you.

Oh, Susan Boyle (Britain’s got talent) came to lunch and sang for us.

And that's only one side of me!

And that's only one side of me!

So apparently it was our director’s wedding anniversary, and I guess his wife had called the production office earlier in the week and asked if there was anything that they could do for him. Maybe have a cake, and have someone sing to him. Wish granted! Jason from the casting department stepped up to the plate. Our producer Marshall helped get things organized and in motion. They got him into make and wardrobe, and as you can see, it’s pretty spot on. Anyhow we’re all stuffing our faces, and in walks Marshall to announce that’s it’s Rob’s (our director) wedding anniversary. She went on saying that his wife was very sorry that she couldn’t be there and but she had arranged something special for him. All the way from Scotland it’s Suan Boyle! Cue Jason. He strolls in, completely in character, and playback starts up. It was hilarious.

img_0461Marshall and Susan

Oh check this out. I got my Star Fleet badge. I was on a mission the other night to find this badge. I heard from a little beard that it was hiding in one of the dozens of Kellogg’s brand cereal. I found it at Piggly Wiggly.

fruit_loopsI don’t see it yet but there it is.

Beam me up!

Beam me up!

Well worth the $3.79. You know, I used to eat the hell out of Fruit Loops when I was a kid. Only the orange and yellow ones though.

And the adventure continues….

~ by glennikin on April 26, 2009.

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