A Klash of Talent

Yesterday was Army Wives Paintball. It was epic. I’m sorry that I don’t have any photos from the event, but it wasn’t exactly the ideal situation for a phone or camera. We ended up playing with some actual Green Berets too. I thought for sure I would be pelted, but surprisingly I walked away with only a few minor welts. That was my first paintball experience and I don’t think it will be my last. Definitely something I could do now and then. Some of the guys, including Shady, (prop guy) were full prepared. They came decked out in full paint warrior gear, with pods for extra ammo, and gear that made them look like Master Chief.


I held my own. Had one game come down to me and one other guy. He popped out from behind a stack of tires, and I shot him in the face. Hey I’m ruthless. We we’re all wearing masks of course. I’m sure I would have lost any eye or two if we hadn’t been, having taken a couple head shots my self. At one point we were on this one course that was just huge and in the woods, with a fort in the middle. The object was to be the team with the most people in the fort at the end of seven minutes. It was like we were on Endor, except no cute teddy bears.

They're using a very peculiar dialect.

They're using a very peculiar dialect.

So at the start of the game our strategy was to run like hell and get to the fort before the other team. Briliant. So paint whizzing past my head I manage to dive inside with my team and we just started shooting at anything that moved. I was guarding the south entrance and I saw Jamie, AKA, “Red Jesus” running down along the creek. He wasn’t exactly being stealthy about it, so I started unloading on him. After firing off about 20 rounds I turned to my right at the sounds of screams saying” To the right, to the right!!” That’s a pretty good reason to turn to your right. So I turn to cover my right, only to be popped straight in the back three times right on the spine. Yeah, Jamie was alive and well. Before I could even alert my team mates he strolled right inside and popped all of them off, bap bap bap. That was it. Still, loads of fun, and something I definitely want to do again.

My day was kind of thrown off at that point. I had planned on going for a nice 15 mile run, but paint-balling kind of tapped me out. I heard  a bunch of people were going to this event in North Charleston called “Kulture Klash”, so I thought I might do that. Anyhow by the time I got home, ran a few errands and grabbed a bit to eat, it was already 7:00. Then somehow for the next two hours I found myself watching clips of Britain’s Got Talent on Youtube……..Really have no idea how that happened. If you are at all connected to the world, I’m sure you’ve heard about Susan Boyle by now. Anyhow my mom e-mailed me the video, which I had already seen. I watched it again, and then from that point found myself clicking on other clips, becoming virtually obsessed.

I came across one audition from a two man group called “Signature”

If you thought Susan Boyle was amazing, check this out.

About as brilliant as brilliant can get.

Yeah so I spent the better part of my Saturday evening combing through clips of BGT. Awesome. Around 9:30 my roommates tried to get me to go out to Kulture Klash. I was pretty tired, and I was planning on crappinig out and making queso dip and waching Battle Star Galactica (which is phenomenal by the way) but I kept getting texts from some of my friends already there, and in the end I was persuaded.

I’m really glad I went. It was completely awesome. It’s just this big art and music event. Very underground, and independent feel. Anything goes. Just awesome art, drinks, dancing, and great people.

Here are some photos from the evening.

To the beat of the drum

To the beat of the drum

Is this one of those things where you cross and uncross your eyes for 10 minutes?

Is this one of those things where you cross and uncross your eyes for 10 minutes?

That's one way of getting it done.

That's one way of getting it done.

That was the wall paper pattern for this piece below.


The Black Light Room. So Racist.

The Black Light Room. So Racist.

Me. Sebastian. Face paint. A bright light.

Me. Sebastian. Face paint. A bright light.

Micah...AKA Dancing Machine.

Micah...AKA Dancing Machine.

So yes, that was great fun. I think I got a ton of black light marker/paint on one of my favorite shirts but no worries. It’s only ruined if I got into a room with black lights. Noted.

Did anyone catch Extreme Makeover Home Edition tonight? I cried, as per usual. Who doesn’t?


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  1. I used to be a paintball enthusiast, but I gave it up after a grueling 24-hour game we went to in Florida. I made it all the way thru up to the last ten minutes and in the middle of this huge be-all end-all firefight, I up and sprain my ankle and had to be carried off the field. Ouch!

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