Don’t let logic get in your way

Yesterday I went to Wilington, with my boss and friend George, for a friend’s (Linwood Taylor) memorial. Actually I didn’t get to know him that well, before he passed away. Linwood was the Art Director on Army Wives last season. He just passed away, rather suddenly, this past February from very aggressive cancer. Even though I only knew him for a breif time, he made a big enough impact on me that I felt compelled to go. The memorial was really beautiful. In fact I think it was a perfect example of exactly how it should be done. It was outside, at his beautiful estate, on the water right outside of Wilmington. It was just a bunch of friends and family getting together and celebrating his life. Much less doom and gloom then say a “normal” funeral or calling hours. The atmosphere was light and positive and informal. It consisted mainly of a bunch of backwoods NC hippies. It was great, and Linwood’s house and property was beautiful. The man was a craftsman, in every sense of the word, and just full of life.

Couldn't paint it better

Couldn't paint it better

A Craftsman's humbe abode

A Craftsman's humble abode


The Choir Sings

He had a great out look on life. He was a die hard optimist, and just one of the most original guys ever. Every little catch phrase, and quote he had was 100% pure Linwood. The dude had a million stories and I only got a handful of them. He probably scrunched 200 years of life into 68. He had a vast amount of knowledge and hopefully it will continue to live on through all of his friends.

There was this awesome snapping turtle too.

Slow and Steady

Slow and Steady

So Linwood here’s to you. This blog goes out to you.


~ by glennikin on April 13, 2009.

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